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Celtic Birth Signs

Celtic Birth Signs

The Druids not only possess "...knowledge of moral philosophy but of physiologa or natural science..."
- Strabo

Celtic Cross in Yorkshire Like most Shamanic cultures, the Celts possessed a natural attunement to the forces of Mother Nature, the cycles, creatures and environment. As such the trees, moons and animals all played a significant part in both the mythology and the daily lives of these ancient peoples. The Celts held a powerful belief in animal guides or helpers, often called totem animals after the Native American tradition. These animals represented concepts such as fertility, rebirth and vitality. They were moving, living and growing creatures regarded as messengers of the gods who were thought to guide, protect and embody the spirit of the person to whom they were connected. Spirits and supernatural beings were thought to sometimes temporarily assume animal forms before being reborn to a clan.

These sacred Celtic creatures have the appearance, characteristics and behaviour patterns of ordinary animals, birds, and fish, but are enshrouded in the legends and mythology of the Celtic peoples.

Ordinary people were encouraged to remain in touch with these animal guides who would communicate with the people through the tribal the shaman

This system extended beyond simply totem animals the trees themselves were said to have spirits as in Celtic mythology people descendents of the tree spirits. The tree was also a symbol of the continuous cycle of rebirth or reincarnation. Likewise the Celtic calendar observed the new moon as the beginning of each new month as the powerful lunar influence was understood. Each lunar cycle was embodied with the spirit of its own symbolic moon name for this very reason. Flora and fauna, in particular herbs, were also used to strengthen the connection to the natural world and the world of spirit. A more recent addition to Celtic astrology has seen crystal associations included in the correspondences.

This relationship with Mother Nature was used to unlock the innermost feelings of the individual and to guide them through their life cycle.

Celtic Animal Birthsigns

According to the ancient Celts, the day you were born in affects your personality and the way you behave. They likened us to a particular animal according to our birthday.

Enter your birthdate below to find out which animal is associated with you. Full description of the meaning of the particular animal is given.


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