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Sabian Symbols
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1° Scorpio: A sight-seeing bus filled with tourists.
The perspective which leisure gives to everyday affairs. Appetite for larger things. Seeing life as whole. Social Intercourse.

2° Scorpio: A broken bottle and spilled perfume.
The fine scent of deeds well done as it persists in the memory of men. Stimulating recollection. Spiritual immortality.

3° Scorpio: Neighbours help in a house- raising party in a small village.
The constructive sharing of experience which builds social values. Interchange of efforts. Necessity to learn cooperation.

4° Scorpio: A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.
Beginning of spiritual participation in the world's work. Sustained inspiration. Conscious linkage to inner realities.

5° Scorpio: A massive, rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea.
Revelation of absolutely stable elements in all life. Strong confidence born of fundamental perception; or spiritual inertia.

6° Scorpio: A gold rush tears men away from their native soil.
The passionate quest for universal values, destructive of cultural ease of living. Leaping to opportunity.- Avid seeking.

7° Scorpio: Deep-sea divers.
Purposeful, daring plunge into life-mysteries. Fulfillment of individual selfhood through study of unconscious energies.

8° Scorpio: The moon shining across a lake.
Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with cosmic strength; or wayward moody effort at greatness.

9° Scorpio: A dentist at work.
Mechanical inventiveness and control over nature needed to balance man's emphasis on mind and self. Applied creativity.

10° Scorpio: A fellowship supper reunites old comrades.
Companionship rooted in past performance. Group-personality emergence. Fraternity of ideals uplifting individual efforts.

11° Scorpio: A drowning man is being rescued.
Outreaching warmth of human character. Saving power of social restraint for too emotional souls. Humanitarian ideals.

12° Scorpio: An official embassy ball.
Social recognition of accomplishment as the substance of a ritual, of human association. Certification of rank. Ambition.

13° Scorpio: An inventor performs a laboratory experiment.
Driving power toward achievement, as featured in all benefactors of mankind. Self-sufficient activity. Clever outwitting.

14° Scorpio: Telephone linemen at work installing new connections.
The will to association regardless of time and space. Linkage of separate realms. Spiritual living "in spite of" nature.

15° Scorpio: Children playing around five mounds of sand.
The world of the five senses as the playground of God and Soul. Honesty in self-expression. Bondage to sense-patterns.

16° Scorpio: A girl's face breaking into a smile.
Fervent outreaching of self in moments of the purest beauty. Leaping to meet the potentialities of life. Blossoming forth.

17° Scorpio: A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.
Fullness of self-reliance and individual destiny. Cooperation between spiritual and material agencies. Pure self-revelation.

18° Scorpio: A path through woods rich in autumn coloring.
The light which transfigures the soul after passions have faded away. Revelation of inner wealth. Radiant consummation.

19° Scorpio: A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard.
Dependence upon inner or outer environment for the substance of understanding. Transmission of knowledge. Channel-ship.

20° Scorpio: A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.
Courage needed to enlarge sphere of being. Readiness to press beyond self. The "woman" within, opening the gates to Spirit.

21° Scorpio: Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.
Conflict between old and new perspectives. A willingness to face chaos for the sake of a new order. Yielding to emotions.

22° Scorpio: Hunters shooting wild ducks.
Aggressive quest for outer or inner sustenance. Purposeful satiation of desire. Tragic incorporation of ideals. Exercise.

23° Scorpio: A rabbit metamorphosed into a fairy (nature spirit).
Revelation of unexpected vital urges latent in all beings. Great creative potentialities. Capacity for self-maintenance.

24° Scorpio: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man.
The power in well-formulated ideas to become actual facts. Practical inspiration; or else inability to face a vital challenge.

25° Scorpio: An x ray photograph.
Penetrating power of reality. Dependence of outer facts upon basic structures or causes. Sharp and applied discrimination.

26° Scorpio: Indians making camp (in new territory)
Ability to feel at home in any outer or inner environment. Efficient functioning. Retreating into the familiar and the known.

27° Scorpio: A military band marches noisily on through the city streets.
Desire to impress upon others the glory of one's social eminence. Materialization of normally subjective values. Show.

28° Scorpio: The king of the fairies approaching his domain.
Necessary respect for symbolic values holding vital forces. integrated. Self-realization through devotion to the One.

29° Scorpio: An indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children.
The soul's mediation between spirit and matter. Sustaining power of instincts. Self-awakening to the need for action.

30° Scorpio: Children in halloween costumes indulging in various pranks.
Need for giving free rein to unsocial instincts within the pale of social traditions. Planned release of inner pressure.

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