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Sabian Symbols
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1° Capricorn: An indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe.
Mastery of a situation through purposeful planning and venturing. Bold rising to opportunity. Extreme of self-confidence.

2° Capricorn: Three stained-glass windows in a gothic church, one damaged by war.
Underlying resistance to change in life foundations. Faithfulness to self. Testimony of beauty against brute force.

3° Capricorn: The human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.
Inner and pure motivation. The power to remain superior to physical limitations; to demonstrate free will. Detachment.

4° Capricorn: A group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water.
Externalization through individuals of the collective urges of the race. Foolish love for pleasure. Exploitation of self.

5° Capricorn: Indians - some rowing a canoe and others dancing a war dance in it.
Mobilization of latent energies for determined self-exertion. Obsession by elemental forces. Violent awakening to reality.

6° Capricorn: Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.
Illimitability of experience, as man moves from completion to ever greater fulfillment. Keenness in knowing. Thoroughness.

7° Capricorn: A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.
Gathering together of the power of a group to one purpose and into an individual will. "Avatar"-ship. Responsibility.

8° Capricorn: Birds in the house singing happily.
The happiness that radiates from an integrated personality. Firm self-establishment in social comfort or respectability.

9° Capricorn: An angel carrying a harp.
The basic harmony of fulfilled selfhood. Realizing harmony in everyday life through detached and lofty understanding.

10° Capricorn: An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.
Overcoming of instinctive fears through gentle persuasion. Kindly conquest. Culture of spiritual values. Harmlessness.

11° Capricorn: Pheasants display their brilliant colors on a private estate.
Latent richness of natural resources brought out through selective processes. Capitalization upon opportunity. Luxury.

12° Capricorn: A student of nature lecturing revealing little-known aspects of life.
Piercing through appearances; disclosing the magic splendor of the core of things. A universal living touch. Keen vision.

13° Capricorn: A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.
Firm establishment upon immemorial principles. Consciousness of absolute unity. Depth of soul-penetration. Self-conquest.

14° Capricorn: An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long- forgotten culture.
Man's power to leave permanent records of his achievements. Personal immortality. Fecundation of future by past. Assurance.

15° Capricorn: In a hospital, the children's ward is filled with toys.
The goodness of life in the tragic trials of first attempts at self regeneration. Administered responsibility; or escape.

16° Capricorn: School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits.
Normal dependence upon physical stimulation. Robust enthusiasm in approaching life's contests; or immature impulsiveness.

17° Capricorn: A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude.
Escape from bondage to social inhibitions. Readjustment of relation of spirit to body. Self-purification. Self-confrontation.

18° Capricorn: The union jack flies from a new british warship.
Extreme of objectification of inner resources. Challenge to life. Splendid self-realization. Full awareness of competition.

19° Capricorn: A child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries.
Capacity to take place ahead of normal standards. Increased self-confidence. Waiting for conditions to catch up with self.

20° Capricorn: A hidden choir singing during a religious service.
The unrealized fullness of life even in the emptiest hours. Preparation for activity. Ray of hope through all difficulty.

21° Capricorn: A relay race.
Extreme of cooperation and give-and-take in life-relationships. Full surrender of self to service. Planned group-behavior.

22° Capricorn: A general accepting defeat gracefully.
Apparent defeat that spells real spiritual victory. Bowing to custom. Conquest through conformity to established norm.

23° Capricorn: A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.
Reward offered by society for the fulfilling of individual responsibility. Recognition of worth; unearned good fortune.

24° Capricorn: A woman entering a convent.
Protective kindness of life to weary hearts. Quiet undercurrent of real existence. Compelled assistance. Timely rescue.

25° Capricorn: An oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious ornamental rugs.
First realization of cultural values through sensuous enjoyment. Refinement of sensations. Psychological enrichment.

26° Capricorn: A nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.
Transcendence of spirit over body and environment. Lightness of understanding. Inexhaustible soul resources. Effervescence.

27° Capricorn: A mountain pilgrimage.
Necessary linkage of above and below in the seeker's personal experience. Balanced dualism of subjective-objective life.

28° Capricorn: A large aviary.
Enhancement of personality by familiarity with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things; or mental confusion.

29° Capricorn: A woman reading tea leaves.
The quest for inner understanding through all life-conditioning. First approach to reality. Desire to transcend routine.

30° Capricorn: Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference.
Activity of inner formative elements of real personality. Massing of soul-energies in an emergency. Spiritual leadership.

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