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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Taurus: A grey vapour surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly coloured butterfly.
Denotes one whose life is threatened in early infancy. The ideals are high, and he delights in all that is beautiful and sweet. The native is somewhat erratic and inconstant, loving "fresh fields and pastures new." He inclines to the poetic and artistic, and may excel in such paths. It is a symbol of Cultivation.

2 Taurus: A heart crowned on the summit of a barren rock jutting out of the ocean--a bevy of white sea-birds speeding towards it from the east in crescent form.
Denotes one capable of immense sacrifices who surrenders self, expecting no reward. The life will be often lonely, but ever threatened by storms. In the end wisdom and worth will triumph and the second half of life brings good promise. It is a symbol of Devotion.

3 Taurus: A man tossing handfuls of seed to the earth, which, as soon as they touch, fructify and incline towards him.
Denotes one favored by fortune. He will possess good judgment, and will do the right thing at the right time. His early life will be filled with struggle and with promise, expanding to favor as he advances in years. With a good insight into human nature the native can well choose others to assist in his work, and whilst holding work to be the true necessity of life, he knows the value of relaxation and pleasure to others as to himself. It is a symbol of Fortune.

4 Taurus: The arena of a circus during a night performance, the ringmaster in the centre urging forward the movements of a large white horse galloping round the ring, a lady gymnast standing on the animal's back holding a hoop of fire.
Denotes one whose destiny it is to come before the public in some professional capacity. The native will be impulsive, bold, and brave, and will be gifted with controlling and magnetic force. He will travel and move about a great deal, and will be exposed to danger with little or no hurt. It is a symbol of Intrepidity.

5 Taurus: Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.
Denotes one who will gain greatly through his own efforts and perseverance, and who will be blessed. He will bring happiness to, and relieve the burden of, many, accounting it pleasure. Thus will he draw unto himself the good thoughts and prayers of others. It is a symbol of Benefaction.

6 Taurus: A judge in his robes of office handing a book to a student, who is stretching out his hands to receive it.
Denotes one who will rise to a position of importance, and whose mission and ambition it will be in life to give instruction and to secure the advancement of worthy people of wit, talent, and inspiration. These acts will reflect his own glory as the Moon reflects the brightness of the Sun. It is a symbol of illumination.

7 Taurus: A beautiful white swan swimming on a smooth lake edged by lilies and grasses and pretty little wild flowers.
Denotes a tranquil and romantic life. The native is gifted poetically, and can express his feelings in the book of Nature with charming simplicity. He will not have much to trouble him in the world of men, and should keep away from crowds and mixed atmospheres, as he is singularly sensitive to external conditions. It is a symbol of Tranquility.

8 Taurus: A leafless tree, on a plain, bending before a violent gale of wind, which whistles wildly through the branches.
Denotes one who meets with opposition, obstacles, and trouble who will be compelled to battle against adversity. Such a one should never take risks in anything, no matter how promising, but be content to work on in the very teeth of the enemy, remembering always that the strong are chosen to fight the battles of the weak. It is a symbol of Impediment.

9 Taurus: A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking.
Denotes one who acquires much by work and application, but who lacks the faculty of watchfulness in protecting his gains from the greed of others. He has an easygoing tendency, but gains come from labor, craft, and the management of his own affairs. He may be the victim of deceit or treachery, and should never put himself in the hands of others when his own well-being is concerned. He should avoid things and circumstances he does not understand. It is a symbol of Misleading.

10 Taurus: A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man's face reflected in the water.
Denotes a person of refined tastes and feelings, gifted with clairvoyant power and artistic skill. A union with one of psychic power-a soul-mate-brings harmony or complications (as indicated an the nativity) into a life which commands power and influence. It is a symbol of Descrying.

11 Taurus: A monk on a rocky road giving drink and food to a poor traveler who has fallen by the way. A rayed anchor above his head.
Denotes one of religious and charitable nature whose high understanding of the brotherhood of man and the absolute unity of human aims, when not diverted by the evil powers, makes him ever ready to divide his substance with those who, less fortunate in worldly matters, give a higher payment-human blessings and gratitude. His trust in humanity is never shaken. He is ever to others a harbinger of hope. It is a symbol of Deliverance.

12 Taurus: Two diggers working on a mountain-slope unearth a large mass of glittering gold.
Denotes one of a searching nature who knows the true value of sincere work. He will never spare himself until his purpose is achieved. With him persistence wins by virtue of his fate. It is a symbol of Endurance.

13 Taurus: A judge in a court of law frowning at a man holding up a document.
Denotes one who is energetic and active, but who is threatened with disfavor, prejudice, and adverse judgment. He has trials in life, and suffers much, and he is likely to oppose or be opposed by authority. If Mercury is weak or afflicted in the horoscope, the native suffers in business and from law; but if this planet is strong he is a mental pioneer fighting for liberty. It is a symbol of Gripping.

14 Taurus: A virgin clothed in white, with a bright star above her head, joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.
Denotes one whose love of harmony adds to the beauty of a spiritual nature. To him there is no virtue higher than peace, and nothing so unworthy of man's high mission as inharmony and hate. Gifted with a sweet and lovable personality and fine magnetic force, his power is felt and respected. It is a symbol of Harmonious Love.

15 Taurus: A student with lamp in hand, standing at the entrance of a cavern from which issue clouds of soft, light,, rosy vapour.
Denotes a person whose tastes and desires are directed to the understanding of the secrets which rest beneath the veil. He has brought to earth from other sources the knowledge which enables him to find the entrance to the cavern of hidden jewels, but it is doubtful if he can enter, for the gateway is guarded by sublime and intense colors caused by more excessive vibrations than can be endured by the human body. The light vapor approaching the "Ultra" stage is more powerful and effective than dragons of fire. It is a symbol of Initiation.

16 Taurus: A white dove, adorned with a rose-coloured ribbon to which is attached a little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine.
Denotes one of a merry and convivial spirit who will be favored by women and Venus. There is a tendency to too much indulgence, but ever a restraining power which holds the native to a right and rosy course. It is a symbol of Good Living.

17 Taurus: A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.
Denotes one free as air, brave, spiritual, restless, and unfitted for the regular routine of daily life. Care in infancy is essential. He is of a wandering disposition and frequent changes are for him. It is a symbol of Wandering.

18 Taurus: A gaudily dressed herald blowing a trumpet, at the sound of which two knights, one on a white charger, the other on a black, rush towards each other with set spears.
Denotes one of a strongly martial disposition who delights in struggle and contention. He has a love of show and glitter, and desires to make himself heard. Within him is a continual war between good and evil, and victory depends on himself alone. It is a symbol of Combativeness.

19 Taurus: An archer, dressed in red, firing arrows at the Moon.
Denotes one who is unable to estimate his abilities and who attempts things foolhardy and useless. There is a tendency to irritability and aggressiveness and lack of self-restraint. Thus he will court unpopularity and will suffer from his own actions. It is a symbol of Futility.

20 Taurus: A flight of white eagles.
Denotes one whose thoughts are high and whose ambitions are serenely regulated. He rises in life, gaining command and respect. He is farseeing, and his virtues enable him to accomplish good work in this world. It is a symbol of Celebrity.

21 Taurus: A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddle-cloth entering a course.
Denotes one of sporting tendencies who delights in trials of skill and who is generally fortunate. To his nature there is a generous, sympathetic, and interesting side, which gains him many friends and much popularity. It is a symbol of Sportiveness.

22 Taurus: Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.
Denotes a light bearer whose mission is to guide others and to uplift them. No matter how dark the way, his presence inspires brightness. There is no weakness in this native, who knows just what he is on this world to do and who does it. It is a symbol of Directorship.

23 Taurus: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.
Denotes one with strength of purpose and ability to sustain trials. The Dragon is lust, corruption, end the cold moistures of the earth. St. Michael is the life, solar energy, conqueror of decay; the black rain the evil which corruption draws. So when the native realizes his soul force he becomes a veritable victor over the monster into whose jaws so many unwarned and unguarded fall. It is a symbol of Victory.

24 Taurus: A prisoner having escaped from his prison is endeavoring to break his fetters with the aid of some large flinty stones.
Denotes one whose life is harassed by other people, and who will be held to a position to his disadvantage from which he will free himself and go where better conditions prevail, and where he will have better opportunities for employing his skill for his own good. Consult the horoscope. It is a symbol of Restraining.

25 Taurus: A dense column of smoke from which issue flashes of lightning.
Denotes one of natural talent who will be beset with difficulties in gaining recognition, but whose mental strength will be the more determined because of them. When his time comes his power will be felt. He will force acknowledgment by sheer ability and energy. It is a symbol of Premeditation.

26 Taurus: A giant of benevolent aspect, with his foot on a broken sword, tearing up the laws of the world by which men have been governed for centuries. Behind him are broken bags of golden coins, which are falling in a shower over a precipice.
Denotes a child of the new age whose thoughts contend against orthodoxy, systems, war, and the accepted justice of the times. He is gifted with a powerful and convincing individuality, strong in wisdom, worth, and excellence. His mind is dominant, and he is morally and mentally brave. It is a symbol of Iconoclasm.

27 Taurus: An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.
Denotes one who will produce work of value to the race. He is gifted with inventive ability and mind, and will concrete ideas whilst others are but dreaming of them. It is a symbol of Ingenuity.

28 Taurus: A woman looking into a crystal ball in which confused images are reflected.
Denotes a mediumistic person who, for lack of energetic study and cultivation, has difficulty in understanding the true value and meaning of the messages which he receives. To such a one long study and care will bring repayment. But self-sacrifice is demanded. It is a symbol of Disorder.

29 Taurus: A man at a cross-road. Above him are two spirits, one black and the other white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.
Denotes one who is continually beset with difficulties and who finds it hard at all times to decide his course of action. He is ever between forces of opposite natures, and is quite as likely to do the right thing as the wrong one. These conditions must be subdued by the steady cultivation of the will. It is a symbol of Embarrassment.

30 Taurus: A huge ironstone rolling down a mountain-side strikes a clump of hard flint, causing a bright fiery flash.
Denotes a venturesome and determined spirit who will dare and do much to attain his ambitions. The earlier life will be filled with struggles and beset with difficulties which, as he advances in years, will enable him to gain the experience necessary to make his name known and his ideas respected. It is a symbol of Forcefulness.

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