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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Scorpio: A man, enraged, tearing a book in pieces.
Denotes one of a passionate and determined nature. The personality is forceful and magnetic, but there is a lack of those fine feelings which render life something greater than a mere mass of disruption. It is difficult for the native to discipline and control himself, but his will is strong, and what is a fractious horse to a determined master ! It is a symbol of Irritation.

2 Scorpio: Two men deeply engrossed in a game of chess.
Denotes one of excellent and discriminative brain who is capable of firm and continued concentration. The mind is intensely mercurial and penetrative, mastering difficult problems with comparative ease. It is a symbol of Comprehension.

3 Scorpio: Blacksmith striking anvil, the impact causing a dazzling display of bright light.
Denotes one who strives to bring the light of truth into a world of darkness. It is not enough for him gradually to secure acknowledgments- individual minds won over, whilst useful, are not what he most desires. He must arouse the masses from their sleep, and the blow he strikes on inert materialism will bring into action a light more brilliant than the stars. It is a symbol of Penetration.

4 Scorpio: Sword maker tempering a sword.
Denotes one of skilful mind and aggressive nature who desires to rise in life and lead, but who recognizes the need of careful preparation and planning before he ventures out. When fortified, he uses his inborn nature and tact, making sure his weapons are keen and capable. It is a symbol of Preparedness.

5 Scorpio: An ancient temple from which shoot forth forks of electricity.
Denotes one singularly gifted and of great power of observation who has ability to turn even the thoughts of old-world philosophies into forms of materialistic triumph. He is disposed to regard the thoughts of men and to ponder over, consider, and utilize what most people would cast aside as useless. Failures do not daunt his spirit, for he knows that success comes from repeated failures. He "attempts the end and does not stand to doubt." It is a symbol of Achievement.

6 Scorpio: An eagle with a snake in its beak.
Denotes a forceful, determined character who will not be easily imposed on. A hater of deceit and mean actions, he silences the deception by crushing the deceiver. With himself he is continually at war, being swayed by two emotions, one uplifting, the other degrading. What he wishes to remain in mastery will remain. It is a symbol of Watchfulness.

7 Scorpio: A winged horse flying over a fortress.
Denotes one whose destiny is to triumph over mere material force. One of great spirit, who will be enabled to demonstrate how much grander and how much more uplifting are the applied thoughts of man than the crude assertions and denials of materialism, no matter in what garb it may appear. His nature is free, his thoughts are free, and he desires to see all men aspire to true freedom and understanding. It is a symbol of Raising.

8 Scorpio: A bundle of papers floating down a dark winding river under a starlit sky.
Denotes one whose object is to gain knowledge and who strives hard to attain his desires. In his dealings with others he holds the thought uppermost, and endeavors to turn the light of his acquirements on to material things. He has the ability to make his work on earth interesting and popular. He gains by deaths and certain work with others, but happiness will not be his so long as he holds the false light of materialism before his eyes. His happiness is in the ideal, the true and only real. It is a symbol of Eagerness.

9 Scorpio: An ancient Hellenistic warship lying on the seashore.
Denotes one to whom ancient lore, poetry, and life strongly appeal, and whose soul goes back to those old days often in thought, often in sleep. But his nature is more positive than negative, and he can exhibit an aggressive or warlike front. He would do well to yield to his artistic nature and not allow the rustling of the wind to disturb his higher dreams. Let him let war rest like the old ship of the Greeks in the symbol, for the cruel days of war are passing. It is a symbol of Antiqueness.

10 Scorpio: A revolving star which throws off many colors and shades of color.
Denotes one capable of receiving, translating, and presenting many shades of opinion, chiefly as regards philosophies or sciences with which he is identified. He is unorthodox in thought, but reasonable, desiring not to condemn, but rather to enlighten, others. He may travel a great deal, but money does not cling to him, and he must avoid risks of all sorts. His wealth is in himself. It is a symbol of Discrimination.

11 Scorpio: Pretty little flowers growing on an old moss covered wall in an old green country lane.
Denotes one poetical, intense, conservative, imaginative, idealistic, and artistic, one for whom simple beauty has a lasting and long appeal. His thoughts are above the narrow limits of form, creed, and custom, and his actions are marked by gentleness and feeling. The scientific vein in his nature is nurtured with the blood of Uranian science, and he is held but little to the wilder theories of some modern materialistic speculations. Whatever he handles must be dainty, sweet, and artistic. He loves children, flowers, the country, and all those things which lend grace and charm to earth life. It is a symbol of Serenity.

12 Scorpio: A galvanic battery resting on a rust iron stand.
Denotes one of a strange and sensitive temperament occult, thoughtful, and original. One who, like the battery in the symbol, will give shocks to many. He will have peculiarities and eccentricities, and will not be altogether easy to pull with, not that his temper is unkind, but that his vibrations are so fervent and his emotions so powerful. He is disposed to austerities and rigid rules of living which greatly influence others. It is a symbol of Immolation.

13 Scorpio: Water bubbling over rocks and flowing into a large river.
Denotes one whose work is destined to live and influence men long after he has left the earth, one of an intensely psychic nature, sensitive, and mediumistic. He will have many earthly struggles and will find many sharp rocks in the way of his progress. He suffers more from his absolute lack of sympathy with earth matters as they are at present. His wanderings in the summer lands, however, bring him infinite peace and joy in the midst of pain. It is a symbol of Reveries.

14 Scorpio: A lad pouring water into a sieve instead of a large jug and watching two others fighting.
Denotes one whose mind is disposed to wander to be distracted by the events of the moment. He needs to concentrate and to fight against the scattering of his thoughts. Ability he has, and can do well enough if he attends to one thing at a time. The tendency is to lose by carelessness what he earns by labor. It is a symbol of Distraction.

15 Scorpio: A large ship ashore on an ironstone coast, waves dashing over her.
Denotes one disposed to travel and to delight in adventure and change. He has a vigorous personality, but is inclined to take from others more he is willing to give. He will possibly attain a position, and his influence will sway many, it let him learn when to fall back into a more peaceful life, else will the great ship be cast on a dangerous coast by reason of strange influences, and disaster will be the end. It is a symbol of Conflict.

16 Scorpio: An ancient warrior on his knees, with a cross-sword stuck in the ground before him, praying.
Denotes one who is mixed up in life's battles and fights for every advantage. Gifted with endurance and a penetrative mind, he wins his way through obstacles only to meet more obstacles later on. But he knows, for all this, that the Power sustaining him is faithful, and he prays for peace in the midst of war. It is a symbol of Contrition.

17 Scorpio: A dagger with a jeweled hilt, stuck in a document.
Denotes peculiar birth conditions, but a gifted person who, though threatened with danger, overcomes and produces worthy works. His powerful and energetic soul is blended with idealism, poetry, and beauty. There is firmness in all he does, and a power which gives it penetrative force and excellence. It is a symbol of Romance.

18 Scorpio: A ballet dancer who has just left the stage talking to some men who are flattering her.
Denotes one for whom pleasure hides danger. His passions are high and not easy to control, and his appetites tend to follow his desires. There is a love of grace in art, movement, and sound which impels him to excitement and sensation. He attempts to influence and control, but is liable to be deceived himself in the end. Let him be warned. It is a symbol of Inflaming.

19 Scorpio: A woman flashily dressed and adorned with rings, bracelets, and numerous glittering jewels, looking with longing eyes in a jeweler's window.
Denotes one who is allured by the glitter of earth as a moth is by the lamp glare. He finds it hard to satisfy the yearning desire to possess and still possess, like one of abnormal hunger who is never satisfied. Let him take care lest this craze grasp him body and soul, and grasping him makes him the slave-victim of his passions. It is a symbol of Retrograding.

20 Scorpio: A handsome boy, climbing up a ladder, looking upwards to the heavens.
Denotes one especially favored and of magnetic personality who raises himself by his own efforts and indomitable mind. He gains by right, scorning base and unworthy actions, and gains in spite of obstacles which are raised against him. He brings to others pleasure and help. It is a symbol of Determination.

21 Scorpio: A double headed giant, in his right hand a club, in his left a tree, roots and foliage.
Denotes one who conceives the dualistic nature of man. He holds that the connexion of spirit and matter is the initial force from which all other forces are brought into being. He admits no intermediate force, pressing home his beliefs with all the certainty of proven facts and with all the vehemence his powerful nature is capable of. It is a symbol of Forcing.

22 Scorpio: A tax gatherer demanding dues from a poor poet.
Denotes one who is forced by circumstances to undertake duties which are not always of a pleasant nature. His destiny is to adjust and to demand, and the necessities of his life are opposed to investigations of an ideal or psychic character. It is a symbol of Gathering.

23 Scorpio: A man blowing bubbles, a ledger at his feet.
Denotes one who is in danger of being misguided and led into undertakings which can only result in failure and regret. Should he attempt to initiate any scheme himself, he will feel the mortification of seeing his hopes shattered. He should be content to take no risks. It is a symbol of Uncertainties.

24 Scorpio: A wearied traveler on a wet dusty road obtaining a drink of water from a peasant girl.
Denotes one who gives and receives, who loves a roving life, and faces trials and hardships. But no matter how hard the road may be protection comes before the journey's end. It is a symbol of Reciprocity.

25 Scorpio: A moneylender counting his gains in front of a safe crowded with valuables.
Denotes one who is lost in the maze of worldly gain and whose sole happiness is in his ever-increasing wealth. His nature is hard and his estimate of his fellow-creatures is judged by his own standard. His motto is: Treat every man as a rogue until you find him out to be honest, and when you find him out to be honest, think again before you trust him. It is a symbol of Hardness.

26 Scorpio: A pretty little bird standing on the back of a lion, singing.
Denotes one of charming fancy, a singer of sweet songs, one of creative energy and personality. He is exposed to the craft of those in whom he has aroused feelings of envy, but he is under powerful protection and has little to fear. Let him sow seeds at the sun-rising part of life and be ready to gather the harvest in the setting. It us a symbol of Poesy.

27 Scorpio: A king, holding an illuminated sun's disk on a spearhead, speaking to his ministers.
Denotes one capable of lofty thoughts and high mental flights. There is a subtle, strong diplomacy about this native which cannot be easily gauged by others, but he knows himself, his own ambitious spirit, and his ever-growing faith-a faith which never wavers, no matter if he basks in favors or shields himself from frowns. It is a symbol of Distinction.

28 Scorpio: A sailor steering a ship in a rough sea, looking anxiously ahead.
Denotes one of brave, adventurous, and scientific mind who will dare and do much to satisfy the demands of the curious. His life will be exposed to many dangers, most of which he will be prepared to meet, for he is the helmsman, and rough seas do not cause fear to him. It is a symbol of Adventure.

29 Scorpio: A university professor lecturing to his students.
Denotes one of an entirely capable and trained mind who is enabled to throw some little light on the darker problems of life. He is fearless and cultivated, expressing theories and sticking to facts. His influence will sway many and his personality will win him confidence. It is a symbol of Performance.

30 Scorpio: A hand coming out from the heavens holding a pair of perfectly balanced scales, the star Venus glittering beneath.
Denotes one with a high ideal of true justice which to his mind is not possible without pure love. He is destined to send forth knowledge of a practical and philosophical kind which will help many along the stony way of life. He himself is a just and generous person, his principles guiding his acts in life. It is a symbol of Justice.

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