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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Sagittarius: A woman in the dress of a religious order struggling through a dark and storm-swept valley, a luminous anchor above her.
Denotes one of fine intellect who is gifted with persuasive eloquence. The native is poetic, reverential, and inspiring. He reaches a certain power and dignity after striving through worries and inharmonious. His will is firmly directed and cannot be broken, for above all he has faith in self and knows his own powers. It is a symbol of Triumph.

2 Sagittarius: A woman of angry countenance holding a dagger in her hand.
Denotes one strongly passionate and well favored who finds it difficult to subdue and control the forces by which he is swayed. Hence there is a tendency to do many regrettable things. He may be drawn into litigation and quarrels of various kinds, and may be tempted to aggressive action and threatening attitudes. Gradually, then, the finer side of his character will be hidden if not corrupted by the employment of the grosser. It is a symbol of Mutiny.

3 Sagittarius: A man of scornful face with a big sword in one hand, carrying a child.
Denotes one over whose early life darkness hangs and who, if he escapes, will be involved in dangerous undertakings from which he will emerge triumphant or fall, perhaps not in vain. The mind is roused to intensity, and the native feels himself called to champion a great cause. He will follow with many followers. It is a symbol of Redressing.

4 Sagittarius: Two arrows crossed and surrounded by zones of glistening white light.
Denotes one who has a tendency to pull in opposite directions. The struggle between the desires and right will be constant, and an act of hostility will be followed by deep remorse. It is a fight between the world of matter and the world of spirit. There may be peculiar changes in life, and that which is most unexpected is that which is most likely to happen. It is a symbol of Wavering.

5 Sagittarius: A dark bank of cloud passing in front of the sun, cutting its rays from the earth.
Denotes one of a melancholic, retiring, and occult nature who is drawn to a life of austerity, and whose search is for that hidden grail which holds the nectar of life and supreme knowledge. He is religious and sincere, but he should be careful lest his peculiar attitude or method of approaching the secret should hide it from his view, as the dark cloud-bank hides the rays of the sun. It is a symbol of Monasticism.

6 Sagittarius: A man in a black robe carrying a black rod, on the top of which is a hand, the thumb held between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, whilst the fingers of the Sun and Mercury are pointed upwards.
Denotes a powerful character of a religious and penetrating mind, by the virtue of which he rises to a position of enduring fame. Force, riches, and treachery oppose his power and influence, and may ultimately check, if not end, his career. But his actions will live and his spirit will rise above the power of reverses. It is a symbol of Valor.

7 Sagittarius: A large ship on a calm sea in a dark starless night, a black bird of the raven order sitting on the mainmast top.
Denotes one whose position may be of some importance, but whose life will not be of any particular note, except in the manner of leaving it. He is not gifted with exceptional energy, nor with any particular ambitions, but he will meet with envy and hatred, from which he may suffer. He is by nature conservative, and will not easily yield to others. It is a symbol of Retaliation.

8 Sagittarius: Draught horse pulling a load of chains up a hill, at the top of which is a great revolving wheel.
Denotes one who is limited, edged in, bound. and restricted, whose way is paved with difficulties which threaten and torment. He is exposed to dangers until after his seventh year, and if these are passed he is faced with a narrow way. He might remember the old Talmudic maxim, Those whom God loves He oppresses with suffering, and endeavor to grasp the purpose of his life. It is a symbol of Oppression.

9 Sagittarius: A burning oil well into which men are pouring quantities of water.
Denotes one gifted with a degree of mental richness, but who is somewhat diffusive and irregular. He has some remarkable qualities and good intellectual power, but is weak in application and method. Still he has wisdom, and can direct with magnetic forcefulness and purpose. It is a symbol of Retaining.

10 Sagittarius: A large metallic ball reflecting various colors.
Denotes one of a high order of intellect. He is naturally scientific, and gains recognition and esteem. He will be enabled to throw much light on obscure subjects and complex problems, and will win respect for his labors. He is highly inspirational, and embraces some school of occultism or uncommon thought. It is a symbol of Growth.

11 Sagittarius: A fisherman with a net over his shoulder sitting on a basket, a group of people advancing towards him.
Denotes a psychic of ability and reputation. He may hold some public position or come before the public in some way. The temper is somewhat jerky and the nature a little irritable, but he has good controlling power and a firm will. As a collector and publisher of knowledge this native has special genius. It is a symbol of Projection.

12 Sagittarius: A coiled serpent, above which is a grinning skull.
Denotes one of a vicious temperament who is liable to be obsessed and used by the dark forces. A strong and beneficent power over him may transmute his nature and aid him to overcome ill fate, but evil is more likely to attend him and make him her victim. It is a symbol of Overthrowing.

13 Sagittarius: An archer, with bloodstained dress, shooting at a stag.
Denotes one of very strong vibrations and martial nature who will have responsibilities and power to fulfill them. He will meet with oppositions and be exposed to considerable danger, especially in the latter part of life. He is prophetic and gifted in certain directions, but he must control irritation in himself and soothe it in others. It is a symbol of Provocation.

14 Sagittarius: A human eye surrounded by a circle of flames.
Denotes one of penetrative power and clairvoyant gifts who will be well regarded by his associates and selected for positions of influence. He is naturally attracted to occult philosophy, uncommon learning, and that knowledge which concerns the coming into and going out of earth conditions. Peculiar magnetic and intensely active forces are associated with this degree. It is a symbol of Knowing.

15 Sagittarius: A painter at his easel in a forest upland, observing not the heavy black clouds which betray an approaching storm.
Denotes one of a refined and sensitive spirit capable of becoming so absorbed in his studies that he detaches himself from the world and its peoples. The love of nature and the beautiful is very great and may sever his sympathy from the ordinary routine of earthly desires and ambitions. He may obtain excellence in his sphere and some degree of honor, but there is a fatality connected with this degree which will claim him sooner or later. It is a symbol of Radiation.

16 Sagittarius: A woman outside an old ruin under a starlit sky, a white angel on her right, a dark angel on her left. The stars -- the lamps outside the palaces of the Holy Ones -- are shining.
Denotes one of intense mind capable of great acts. Very mediumistic, he is greatly influenced by his impressions and impulses. His path throughout his life is full of varied dangers, and he must be careful lest he miss the way. Let him often look up to the stars and pray for the guidance of the Good. It is a symbol of Restraint.

17 Sagittarius: Cupid holding a broken arrow in his right hand and a miniature anchor in his left.
Denotes one of an artistic and romantic temperament, fond of the poetic and beautiful and of that branch of science which lifts the soul of man beyond mere worldly limits up to the star-lands and the mountains of the moon. He may leave an enduring work of science, poetry, or romance. Whatever he does he has faith in, and whatever he does hits the mark. It is a symbol of Imparting.

18 Sagittarius: A horse's hoof, winged, crushing a butterfly.
Denotes one of great power of mind whose external thoughts threaten the glory of his soul. For his thoughts are powers which are ever striving to blend the spiritual and material in one great mould. He realizes to a great degree the potency of small things, and he is sensitive enough to feel acutely for suffering and to do all in his power to repel cruelty. It is a symbol of Subduing.

19 Sagittarius: A wand divided by a star.
Denotes one of philosophical force capable of manifesting from the silent hidden into the outer. Therefore his quality is explained in no ordinary terms. He has much personal force and magnetism which, if exerted for high ends, will become a harbinger for peace on this planet of experience and suffering. It is a symbol of the Awakening.

20 Sagittarius: A pleasure-boat on a picturesque river.
Denotes one who delights in the best the world can give and who strives to keep worry and trouble away at all costs. All that is beautiful in form, color, and sound attracts him. He is a lover of ceremony and peaceful reveries, and his reputation in the arts that cultivate will be recognized, not, however, through any special power in himself, but just because it has to be. It is a symbol of Ease.

21 Sagittarius: A giant tidal wave.
Denotes one who from comparative obscurity raises himself to a position of influence. He is somewhat inconstant and uncertain, but he crushes opposition and all who challenge his way. He should be careful lest the force he uses be turned against himself, no matter how powerful he may be. It is a symbol of Onrushing.

22 Sagittarius: A dog on a wall baying the moon.
Denotes one restless in manner and uncertain in temperament who ever seeks for the unattainable and worries himself because he cannot get it. In his cry, however, there is poetry; poetry of a sad, hopeless strain as if foreboding some forlorn end to ambition, power, and aspiration. It is a symbol of Sighing.

23 Sagittarius: A bee stinging a roaring lion.
Denotes one of sharp, stinging wit, of democratic feeling, and a fine order of intellect, who is bound to gain distinction of some kind. He will take a clear and extremely sensible view of things, and will be able to gauge and construct. The note of his sarcasm is directed against certain authority, and forces action when passivity seems firmly fixed. It is a symbol of Stimulation.

24 Sagittarius: A bag of gold money falling into the ocean.
Denotes one who holds to the philosophy of fate and who will listen to no other. He makes mistakes and performs erratic actions. In money matters he should be extremely cautious, and he must not enter speculative fields, for heavy losses threaten him. He should hold what he can and trust in God and himself. It is a symbol of Mistakes.

25 Sagittarius: A ruined castle by a waterfall, near which is a naked woman holding a bunch of grapes to an old philosopher who, seated on a rock, is studying a manuscript.
Denotes one of romantic mind, loving and leaning to the philosophy and thought of other days, in which he is a master. The forces play around him and attempts from the two worlds will be made to draw him from his deeper thoughts to the frivolity, folly, and transitory joys of earth. Many times will he be shaken, but his power is too great for sensual over comings. Instead he throws to the world the wine of life that those who are able may drink. It is a symbol of Spiritual Struggles.

26 Sagittarius: Two girls on a seesaw gaily dressed, a man in motley in the center holding a cup of wine in his hand.
Denotes one who is attracted to the sport and gaieties of life, and to whom physical pleasures constitute the essence of existence. The native may indulge in extravagances and will feel the ups and downs of life. His philosophy favors the pursuit of happiness, and his mental gifts will be directed to the furtherance of his thoughts. It is a symbol of Pleasure.

27 Sagittarius: Mercury holding up his caduceus in his right hand and with his left helping a fallen man to rise.
Denotes one inspired and gifted, one prophetic, poetic, and artistic, whose mission it is to raise and uplift the race. He brings through the dark paths light and ecstasy, and those who hear the music will have their wounds healed. To see nature is with him to know nature, and the honey of wisdom flows from his mouth. It is a symbol of Eloquence.

28 Sagittarius: A simply dressed woman breaking a sword over her knee. In the heavens above, masses of dark clouds are scudding before the rising sun.
Denotes one possessing power, but utterly without bombast. To him war, quarrelling, and all forms of inharmony, while abhorrent, are well inside the power of remedy. His nature inspires hope and security, and the dark threatenings of evil fly before this rising sun. It is a symbol of Benevolence.

29 Sagittarius: A chariot decorated with garlands of flowers, broken down on the roadway.
Denotes one to whom pomp, glitter, and show strongly appeal, combined with a love of traveling and pleasure. To such a one caution cannot be too strongly recommended. It is not a chariot gaily decorated which aids his power. Wealth combined with strength tells. It is a symbol of Vanity.

30 Sagittarius: A shield, with a gorgon's head embossed on it, attached to a column.
Denotes one of active mental power who is indispensable to his friends and a thorn to his enemies. He is capable of seeing events far in advance of their materialization and counts the years of human progress in its pendulum-like motion. He has in him a strong spirit of fight and a feeling of naught else but victory. It is a symbol of Supremacy.

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