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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Pisces: A satyr sitting on a rock by a river which is running into the sea, holding a fish.
Denotes one of a peculiar disposition who is in danger of yielding to the suggestions of evil influence and being guilty of unjust actions. He may suffer sorrow from or through relatives and from secret affairs, and he may not be able to do just what he pleases. He has strong promptings towards the occult and hidden arts. It is a symbol of Misgiving.

2 Pisces: An old man sitting beneath a leafless tree with bread in his hand and a bag of money by his side.
Denotes one who will be no stranger to suffering. Directly or indirectly he benefits through people older than himself. No matter how important his position in life, he is limited. He feels for those whose portion of earth life is but pain and he relieves when the pained plead. It is a symbol of Clemency.

3 Pisces: The deck of a trawler on which are quantities of fish. It is night. A small cottage is on fire on the land, and this, with the shore lights, is reflected in the water.
Denotes a strong character, a leader in his sphere of life. Dangers from the elements threaten the child life. He baa the ability to grasp and utilize the ideas and suggestions of others, and his power of observation enables him to advance his interests and obtain reward. He will be successful in secret negotiations, and secret matters largely affect the life. It is a degree of Secretiveness.

4 Pisces: A lighthouse built on rocks in the midst of an angry sea. Over the sky is a rainbow.
Denotes one who will be placed in the midst of unsettled chaotic conditions and who, as complication after complication arises, allows fear to hold him. Yet he is secure against storms and firm against disaster, although not from assault. He has mediumistic power to enable him to know his inward strength, but he fears to use it. If he would but turn his eyes upwards he would see beauty above fear and ever have hope before him. It is a symbol of Mistrust.

5 Pisces: The interior of a tent of a Roman military commander in which is a table set with abundance of food and drink in rich vessels of gold and silver.
Denotes one of good organizing and directing ability who works with a purpose in his mind and an ideal at heart. He has a love of luxury and good living, and as life advances he will be in a position to gratify his desires. He is a good, generous friend, and gains esteem. He does not allow personal comfort to affect the work he is called upon to do nor to diminish his personal courage. It is a symbol of Accomplishment.

6 Pisces: Pirates tying a captive to a tree by the seashore. An old sailor hidden behind the rocks and foliage watching and waiting, knife in hand, to set him free.
Denotes an adventurous nature which will attempt rash things and undertake dangerous missions. The native is in danger of restraint and attack from powerful foes seeking to put him out of action, but is fortunate in obtaining relief when he least expects it. From the twenty-seventh to the twenty-eighth, the thirty-sixth to the thirty seventh, are critical years. It is a symbol of Attempting.

7 Pisces: Two wrestlers struggling for mastery. One is dark and evil-looking, whilst the other is as an angel in manly beauty.
Denotes the dark and treacherous forces and the materialism of man combating with all that is glorious, all that is ideal and divine. To whichever the thoughts of the native incline comes victory, and many times in life he will be forced to join himself to the one or the other. May wisdom direct his choice. It is a symbol of Contesting.

8 Pisces: A slave merchant selling a beautiful woman in an Eastern marketplace.
Denotes one who is destined to have power over others and who may be forced by circumstances to obey the wills of stronger forces. Necessity may compel him to barter his dearest possession for external advantage, but those to whom he barters it prize it. His is a peculiar life of importance, but not one of absolute free will. It is a symbol of Responsibilities.

9 Pisces: Venus and Cupid, metamorphosed as two fishes, swimming from agiant who stands on a rock.
Denotes one of a sensitive disposition and pure mind who understands intuitively the true meaning of love as symbolized in the planet Venus, sublime and in her dignity. His enemy is lust, which threatens to cling to him and by craft to hold the throne of his soul in the guise of love. But the native will know vice as a destroying angel only, and his knowledge will protect him and set him free. It is a symbol of Transmutation.

10 Pisces: A man sweeping together quicksilver which has fallen from a dish and has scattered in all directions.
Denotes one of an active, volatile mind, alert and restless, possessing knowledge and the power to acquire knowledge. There is, however, danger of his ideas leaving him and being scattered in parts where they are not appreciated. When he fully recognizes the gift with which he has been blessed he will by concentration draw it unto himself and bestow it on those who will hold it to advantage. It is a symbol of Teaching.

11 Pisces: A dog running amongst some children playing on the seashore.
Denotes one of sagacious mind, very faithful when trust is given, and active in the carrying out of any mission he is entrusted with. There is determination in the character, and the external appearance betrays but little the feelings and emotions. He acts with caution, craft, and confidence, and is generally friendly. It is a symbol of Alertness.

12 Pisces: An author with his head in his hands, a rejected manuscript and a lady's photograph on a table before him.
Denotes one of literary or artistic ability who attains a degree of reputation and esteem, but who is tempted by the smiles of alluring love. He will reach a stage when he will be compelled to decide between two mistresses, one as insistent as the other. It is a symbol of Intricacy.

13 Pisces: A man crossing a bog on an old tree which has long ago fallen.
Denotes one who meets with public favor and support whose temper will be severely tried and tested. Although possessed of radical feelings, he will find himself compelled by circumstances to obtain conservative support even though that support be grudgingly given. Still it will serve. It is a symbol of Preserving.

14 Pisces: A number of stevedores loading a ship at a port.
Denotes one who sees prayer in labor and nobility in work. No matter what may be his station in life, his beliefs will be strongly democratic and just. There may be a good deal of moving about during life or a long voyage may take the native into lands remote from his place of birth. He is sincere, and can be relied on. It is a symbol of Activity.

15 Pisces: A man standing on a high lookout, nervously scanning the horizon at high noon, a comrade fallen at his side stricken by the sun.
Denotes one gifted with keen powers of observation who gains a position of usefulness and responsibility. His life will at times be unsettled, and his advancement will be in the hands of others. He may be threatened with disfavor, illness, or accident. He should banish irritability or nervousness, for such cause trouble. Still he is always sincere. It is a symbol of Trustworthiness.

16 Pisces: A hawk with outspread wings standing on a trumpet.
Denotes one of fearless disposition and venturesome nature who makes a big throw for fortune and who reaches a point of notoriety or fame in the face of obstacles, opposition, and envy. Favors come from authority, but dangers from falls, fire, and sword are threatened. It is a symbol of Renown.

17 Pisces: A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold.
Denotes one of magnetic force, patience, and determination who wins his way by sacrifice of self for the sake of his ambition and who will never rest until he has achieved his purpose. He is identified with a great cause or a great production, spreading knowledge or giving pleasure. It is a symbol of Announcement.

18 Pisces: A spider seizing a fly caught in the web.
Denotes one who may be deceived in many important concerns of life and who should be especially careful in giving confidences and in betraying his affairs to others. He should avoid law and all forms of litigation and contention, and should not accept too lightly the opinion of others concerning his business. It is a symbol of Temptation.

19 Pisces: A sick man lying at the base of a large stone cross, a greyhound running in the distance.
Denotes one of great faith which, being added to true knowledge, makes man invincible. The mind inclines to religion and charity, and is well endowed. Generally he is quick to grasp matters and to profit by his wisdom. He suffers some discomfort in life and many disappointments. Ill-health may also trouble him. Still, he has faith, and faith can truly move mountains. It is a symbol of Believing.

20 Pisces: An itinerant musician playing the mandolin and singing love songs to a number of country maidens who are seated on rocks and fallen trees around him.
Denotes one who is musical, artistic, and pleasure loving who is gifted with a wealth of imagination and an engaging manner. He gives pleasure to many, and will meet with much applause. His nature is light and airy and somewhat wanting in stability. He delights to wander about, or his calling may involve much traveling. It is a symbol of Entertaining.

21 Pisces: A staff adorned with colored ribbons standing in a field of violets, butterflies circling around it.
Denotes one of a fresh and beautiful mind, a lover of nature in sunshine and shower. His ideal is a life of freedom in flowered fields and woods. He inclines to people of high thoughts, children, animals, and the great things of life. He will be exposed to some dangers and will sometimes find the way blocked-the way he has to go. Still, a magical protection is over him and a defending power invisible is always near. It is a symbol of Shielding.

22 Pisces: A snake hidden in a bush of wild flowers near a bubbling stream.
Denotes one of wandering and inconstant nature who has cause to fear the tyranny of his senses. He will in turn be the deceived and the deceiver, and when he attempts to deceive others he deceives himself most. His nature is of the romantic tinge. He loves music and song, the theatre and the ballet, and appreciates the beautiful. If he dare, he may redeem himself. It is a symbol of Ensnaring.

23 Pisces: A heap of broken arms and military trappings lying in a muddy pool.
Denotes one who will know the poverty of aggression and who will suffer from the effects of his actions and intentions. He will understand that what is gained by force may become a curse instead of a blessing, and why the so-called glories of ancient Rome became so many daggers at her throat when the results of her deeds brought her to earth. Let the native prove his power in a greater way than by contention. Let him clear his mind and control himself if he can. It is a symbol of Militancy.

24 Pisces: A giant ape dragging a woman into the forests.
Denotes one who is in danger of becoming a slave to his desires and to sacrifice his higher self to the exhausting excesses which eat into body and soul. There is a wasting of energy and power in the pursuit of so called pleasure which deprives the native of that perfect idealistic happiness which is gained by sweet restraint and a knowledge of perfect love. It is a symbol of Falling.

25 Pisces: An unfurled flag on a shaft of forked lightning.
Denotes one of nervous, quick, and restless temperament, impulsive, active, and full of energy and purpose. His nature is brave and defiant, and his life will not be free of adventure of some kind. He will always be beyond want and his position will be secure. Events in his life happen abruptly and are not always expected. It is a symbol of Suddenness.

26 Pisces: A dowser with a wand of hazel in his hands, finding water on barren lands.
Denotes one who will be blessed with natural gifts of a very high order. He will be very fortunate in his undertakings, benevolent, and beneficial to the people. He is a searcher and a seeker, is rather conservative, and does not easily accept reforms and changes. It is a symbol of Discovery.

27 Pisces: A horse running with flames issuing from his nostrils.
Denotes one who has special work to do and whose name will be associated with important projects. His nature is passionate, quickly receiving and recording spiritual impressions. The disposition is kindly. He is well disposed, and his sense of justice is strong. It is a symbol of Directing.

28 Pisces: A black cat sitting on an old parchment-covered book.
Denotes one who, if he live beyond infancy, will rise to a position of some responsibility. Blessed with superior gifts, this native will be esteemed for his wisdom and understanding. He leans towards old things and will reflect the tendencies of his ancestors. He receives favors from old people and has fortunate dealings with others. It is a symbol of Firmness.

29 Pisces: A bat flying at night in an old graveyard.
Denotes one who endures sorrow. He should strive to force himself away from lowering tendencies by mingling with cheerful and fine-minded people and by studying the true nature of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and strange happenings in one of the occult schools to which he most inclines. He should always guard against jealous feelings in himself and in others. It is a symbol of Sadness.

30 Pisces: A man trudging along a rough road, dragging a mass of heavy chains. A strong horse in a cart standing idly near.
Denotes one who undertakes needless labor and who binds himself in chains of his own making. He has peculiar ideas, thoughts, fancies, and eccentricities, and the regulation and control of these and the cultivation of his powers of observation will lead him to the understanding of great things and open a gate which is at the beginning of the perfect way so opposed to the rough road of selfish materialism on which the majority of the world's people have been content to travel till the closing of their earth lives. It is a symbol of Misconception.

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