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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Libra: A lion with his paw upon a heart, above a square.
Denotes one of a highly magnetic and affectionate disposition combined with mental firmness and endurance. The life will be filled with strange happenings, obstacles, and sorrows. The affairs of his heart bring bitterness, but sweetness may come from pain. It is a symbol of Thwarting.

2 Libra: A gold-covered book, on which is cut a Crux ansata crowned, floating in the misty air.
Denotes one of psychic understanding, peculiar knowledge, and inspiration, who will produce work of use or distinct beauty. Particularly is his understanding directed to certain knowledge of the continuity of life, especially as regards individual existence. Within himself rages the eternal contest between spirit and matter. At one time matter is triumphant, at another spirit, but spirit will gain in the end. It is a symbol of Foreseeing.

3 Libra: A young girl striving to escape from immaterial, but visible cords which surround her; the more she struggles the more they increase.
Denotes one who is in danger of being drawn into psychic conditions from which escape is difficult. Such a one should refrain from dabbling in matters he does not thoroughly understand. Danger in connection with occult or psychic matters is threatened and much suffering there from. Love affairs may embarrass, especially if intertwined with occult practices. The native will be gifted in some branch of art or science, but there is a peculiar force fighting against his success and against which a calm placidity is the only protection. It is a symbol of Involving.

4 Libra: A broken wedding-ring lying on a table.
Denotes one whose path will be filled with bitterness, whose affections are enduring, but lacking in the principle of true love. He is fated to suffer in order to attain development and mind expansion, for his mistakes are many. The experiences of the native will force him to understand the purpose of life. It is a symbol of Isolation.

5 Libra: A naked arm and hand, from which blood is flowing. Above, a sword.
Denotes one who attains influence and a degree of power through aggression, forcefulness, and fighting. He is of an adventurous nature and endures a wound for the glory of getting it and the honor it gains him, and he will have many wounds. It is a symbol of Encroachment.

6 Libra: A traction engine traveling along a newly made road in very charming country.
Denotes one of an artistic nature and a plodding but powerful disposition who is called to do work of a pioneering nature. He is an advocate of force, and the discipline with which he has been bended he would use on others. It is a symbol Pioneering.

7 Libra: A winged globe on the back of a sporting dolphin.
Denotes one with a great message who will travel everywhere and whose thoughts and feelings are expanded and uplifted thereby. His wanderings are often directed beyond this earth to the heavenly fields and, to the lands dosed to those held in material bodies. He is capable of performing many good acts for others and is ever ready to resist actions unworthy of a true man, holding meanness in contempt. It is a symbol of Movement.

8 Libra: A group of people standing dejectedly outside the closed doors of a big financial institution.
Denotes one who will have need to exercise very great caution as to the safe keeping of his worldly possessions. Such a one should keep away from speculations, ventures, and crafty people, and undertake nothing of a nature involving risk. It is a symbol of Forfeiting.

9 Libra: A large pair of scales. Two men quarreling behind.
Denotes one who should avoid law and disputes. Inharmony is to him a state of evil which forces him into a groove of fate and holds him in bondage. He should endeavor by the power of his soul to keep the scales even and do nothing to prejudice his peace. It is a symbol of Unevenness.

10 Libra: An old hermit, in a cave, grasping a crucifix.
Denotes one of a conservative and religious mind who is drawn towards solitude. He has many troubles, and endures mortification and suffering, but he directs his thoughts to the grand ideal which materializes as life advances, and this to is happiness. It is a symbol of Solitude.

11 Libra: A crow with a large rat in its beak.
Denotes one who is liable to be assailed by enemies, but who, being conscious of his own strength, is content to wait patiently until by frequent attacks they fall at last into his power. He is gifted with patience and sagacity, understanding and diplomacy. It is a symbol of Defiance.

12 Libra: A man falling from an insecure and broken bridge into a dark pit below.
Denotes one who will suffer chiefly from a lack of confidence in self and ability to realize his own powers and limitations. Evils may assail his health or financial position, and place him in positions of danger from which he can only escape by the power of a resisting will. It is a symbol of Timidity.

13 Libra: A woman in a dark blue costume entering a convent door; her head is erect, her arms raised, and she heeds not a handsome cavalier who is offering her fruits and flowers.
Denotes one of a refined and highly sensitive nature, religious and disposed to self-immolation. He will be blessed with worldly gifts, but will in the midway of his life know how really weak worldly wealth is, and how impotent to satisfy the cravings of the spirit. It is a symbol of Abdication.

14 Libra: A brilliantly plumaged peacock strutting towards a wall, behind which are two men unwinding a net.
Denotes one who if not born into worldly wealth will obtain it in another way. He will have much "good luck" and in consequence will feel unduly elated and proud. Then is it that danger is near. He may be snared into a false investment and lose in a night all he has gained in years. It is a symbol of Snaring.

15 Libra: A man who has just left the banquet table in a dazed condition, holding his hand to his head as if trying to remember something.
Denotes one who is too psychic for strong drink and strong food, which throw him off his balance and injure the fine machinery of his extremely sensitive brain. It is when hurt by any form of overindulgence that he renders himself liable to obsession or evil suggestion. If he resists these evils his gifts will manifest and bring him honor. It is a symbol of Obsession.

16 Libra: A large hole out of which gases are rising. A number of birds seeking to cross are overcome by the fumes and are falling into the gap, over which only one has passed safely.
Denotes one who will take many risks and expose himself to needless dangers. He should be especially careful when near subtile substances, gases, poisons, etc., and should always strive prevent others obtaining an undue influence him. Many traveling with him will fall by way, being ignorant of approaching dangers, he will perceive-let him regard his perception. It is a symbol of Subtilty.

17 Libra: A beautifully formed foot rising from a haze of colour-waves.
Denotes one artistic, thoughtful, and able, an idealist of a highly sensuous nature whose it is to blend material thought with spiritual understanding, who perceives that beauty of form must melt into the sublimity of spirit. He will have powers as an inventor, for his inspirations are of a highly utilitarian nature, despite the Neptunian flights to which they ascend. It is a symbol of Sensibility.

18 Libra: A fireman rescuing a little child from a burning house.
Denotes one of a simple nature who is gifted with a strong spirit of self-sacrifice and endowed with inherent bravery. His way in life will be tangled at times, and he will need his energy to set it right again. He is a helper of himself and of others, and he does not count his own needs first. It is a symbol of Self-sacrifice.

19 Libra: A lion rising from the blood of a wounded soldier.
Denotes one of powerful and active mind and magical knowledge who knows the extent of his own force and ability, and, knowing it, he concentrates and suffers to give birth to an ideal of strength and nobleness combined-a strength and nobleness fitted to govern men and to demonstrate even to the weak that the concretion of abilities is the key to individual greatness. It is a symbol of Mastery.

20 Libra: A young girl amidst the flowers in the sunlight wearing a garland of roses and weaving others.
Denotes one to whom natural beauty offers the strongest appeal, whose happiness is in simple things, in art, literature, and science. Pleasure claims him only when pleasure is connected with the artistic. He can keep a secret better than he can keep his money and possessions, and he must be careful lest he be led into extravagances which can never appeal to his plain philosophy. It is a symbol of Gentleness.

21 Libra: A flashily dressed woman singing, with a glass of wine raised in her right hand. On one side of her is the spirit of Mirth, on the other the spirit of Sorrow.
Denotes one who is liable to be led astray by externalities, who grasps at the shadow and misses the substance. Ornaments and the things which gratify the demanding senses only allure, but never satisfy, the continued demand for more. If in the government of himself he does not employ care and intelligence, he will find himself stung by a serpent, and the wound can never be healed. It is a symbol of Retribution.

22 Libra: A youth searching for a jeweled ring which he has on his finger.
Denotes one who will waste time which, if he uses his mind and senses, he can save. He will be fairly favored by fortune, will possess a dainty mind with an appreciation for all that is enlightening and charming, but there is a danger of negligence and lack of caution which will hurt him if he lets it. It is a symbol of Thoughtlessness.

23 Libra: A pair of compasses lying on a map of the world.
Denotes one whose business will demand movement and journeying. The native is a lover of ill traveling, for with him the rolling stone does gather moss and the still one but stagnation. He is a traveler and a searcher, seeking to know, not only this world, but that great beyond into which he also travels when sleep holds his mortal body. It is a symbol of Outreaching.

24 Libra: A whirlwind scattering a mass of papers into the air.
Denotes one who will suffer from an overconfident nature that neglects those details which, insignificant as they may appear, are as necessary for the safeguarding of his interests as water is to earth. His mentality is good, and he is capable of useful mental work, but he may lose the results of his labor. and suffer thereby in many ways. It is a symbol of Entrapping.

25 Libra: A woman naked standing on a crescent moon, the stars glittering behind her in a sky of blue.
Denotes an attractive person who is in danger of being held in the chains of sense and at the will of others. His nature is impulsive and artistic, restless and pleasure-loving. His desires are strong and may run riot with his reason. There is a leaning to the artificial, the theatre, and the dance, and a very sensuous love of earth life. It is a symbol of Vacillation.

26 Libra: A successful candidate for Parliament addressing the people after an election.
Denotes one who will gain from the masses. He is subtle, diplomatic, and capable of handling subjects from different view-points and in adhering to that interpretation which the majority believe to be correct. His philosophy teaches him to subordinate his ideas to the wills of those whose cause he champions. It is a symbol of Diplomacy.

27 Libra: The moon throwing its beams on a little bush hut amidst forest trees. A storm has just passed.
Denotes one who if saved from malefic planetary action is contented with little and is pleasant and kind to men and animals. His nature is devotional and sensitive, and is capable of obtaining knowledge from astral sources and atmospheric conditions. He influences others for good, spreading content in the halls of inharmony. It is a symbol of Harmony.

28 Libra: A mass of quartz through which veins of fine gold can be traced.
Denotes one to whom bard work appears to be the only thing worth while in this world, and who carries out his belief with himself as subject. He is conservative in his ideas and fights to uphold the landmarks of the fathers. It is a symbol of Exertion.

29 Libra: An eclipse of the sun.
Denotes one who will have to be guarded in his dealings. With financial affairs great caution is necessary, for losses may occur of a serious nature, involving the native in much responsibility. He should never become surety for others, and should endeavor to realize himself and hold his earthly possession. Death will make inroads into his family circles and amongst near friends. It is a symbol of Fading.

30 Libra: A boy moping over his book in a schoolroom.
Denotes one who will have to wake up else he will be elbowed out of everything by others more vigorous. He is possessed of good mental qualities, is well-mannered and good-natured, but he allows others to take advantage of him, and he will suffer from deceit and unfairness. It is a symbol of Sluggishness.

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