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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Capricorn: A man, armed , rising out of the earth.
Denotes one to whom power is given, especially connected with earthly science and knowledge. His passage through life will not be pleasured by calm and perfect peace. Rough seas and angry rocks will threaten him. As he grows older in years and experience he will know that combative science and theory but lead to unrest and fear. When this time comes he will truly arise out of the earth. It is a symbol of Disputing.

2 Capricorn: A revolving disc of light, red centre surrounded by a black rim. The colours are pure and distinct.
Denotes a distinct personality of a martial, philosophic type, whose destiny it is to leave his mark on the world's tablet. The influence favors elevation to a certain position of responsibility, but having reached this it is difficult for the native to retain it, and his restless spirit brings him into conflict with enemies of power who, if he be not cautious, will overthrow him. It is a symbol of Wrestling.

3 Capricorn: An old man seated on a throne in the clouds with his right foot on a sword. A large bright star is above his head and two pillars of light are on either side.
Denotes one of genius whose gifts raise him far above the common things of earth, enabling him to comprehend sublimities. What he feels and knows he endeavors to clothe in a dress of vibrating colors to charm the children of earth and to raise them to dreams and contemplations of a glory beyond all material thought and understanding. It is a symbol of Immortality.

4 Capricorn: Persephone rising gracefully from the under to the upper world. The sun is shining, and the surrounding country is rich in fields of corn, fruits, birds, and flowers, whilst butterflies are sporting round her head.
Denotes one of great power of endurance who forces himself, ill or well, to brush away obstacles in the way of his desires. There is here a combination of mental, moral, and physical force, a trinity which carries the native through danger and conditions the most adverse. At birth the soul is rising from the shadows, and as life advances the temples of enchanting lights are reached, sand constancy begets deathlessness. It is a symbol of Perseverance.

5 Capricorn: A winged urn from which water is pouring on to the parched earth. Where the water falls vegetation springs forth luxuriantly.
Denotes one of sympathetic and charitable nature, simple and charming, unorthodox, and free of religious and racial prejudice. The sordid fields of life have little hold on him, for his soul is expansive, eccentric even, and he hates pettiness. It is a symbol of Kindness.

6 Capricorn: A traveler walking up a long forest rise, the path surrounded by dense gnarled trees. It is approaching evening, and the way is long and gloomy, but at the top can be seen a star within a wreath of fine clouds illuminating a beautiful blue sky.
Denotes one destined to lead in one of the great departments of life, but whose way will be threatened and whose heart will sometimes be faint. But even in the darkest times the light. of heaven will shine on him, stimulating him to action and accomplishment. His latter days may be days of faded flowers, but he will reach his star before his journey ends. It is a symbol of Manifestation.

7 Capricorn: A harp with broken strings, a scowling face above it.
Denotes one of ability whose career will be full of difficulties, mistakes, and threatenings. He is somewhat eccentric in manner, and will be led into action and argument from which he will gain no credit. He is susceptible in heart affairs is cultured, and loves the beautiful in its many forms. If he would produce music, let him first string his harp. It is a symbol of Jeopardy.

8 Capricorn: A woman looking on an empty cradle in an attitude of deep grief, the figure of a child near her, surrounded by a bright light, striving to pierce the gloom of her atmosphere.
Denotes one whose life will be one of experience and who will suffer greatly through ignorance of certain knowledge which would free him if he knew it. He should try and comprehend that the deeper the expressed grief, the harder it is for the truth to be known; the blacker the darkness, the greater the danger into which he may walk. It is a symbol of Admonition.

9 Capricorn: A man lying half asleep in a field, a veiled figure behind him with upraised hand.
Denotes one born for great deeds whose work will be regarded many, many years after his exit from the narrow conditions of mortal life. Gifted with inspirational powers and strongly impressed by powerful invisible forces, the native will be one of the many lanterns destined to throw light on this dark world. It is a symbol of Enlightening.

10 Capricorn: A glimmering light stealing into an armory, on the walls of which hang polished implements of war.
Denotes one, active, ardent, and militant, whose enthusiasm will lead him into trouble or danger, and who is capable of heroic effort for an espoused cause. The nature is by no means selfish, indeed the native would lay down his life for that which to him is right. It is a symbol of Militarism.

11 Capricorn: An armed man riding on a lion, below him a scarabaeus; above, a mailed hand grasping an iron rod
Denotes one who by force and aggression gains position above his fellows, and holds it. He will rise above the proud and force them to raise him higher, and his life and influence will be long. There is much materialism in this native and much disregard for others. If he does not let the light enter his soul he may suffer from the force typified as an iron rod. It is a symbol of Undertakings.

12 Capricorn: A man in full armour, visor up, holding his two hands on the hilt of his sword, the point of which pierces the ground.
Denotes courage and self-confidence. The native often meets danger or anxiety face to face, and is ever prepared to repel it when it comes. His sword is always ready, but he presses the point to earth, for he knows the power of the spirit, above all material force. It is a symbol of Striving.

13 Capricorn: A sublime spirit of female form holding by the hand a poorly attired child coming from the darkness into the mists and ascending from the mists into the light.
Denotes one who without regard to worldly condition will be aided and advanced to super-earth state by a great protective agency, and the more the mind is raised to glorious contemplation the more closely will the heavenly cloak fall about his shoulders. It is a symbol of Guardianship.

14 Capricorn: A woman in a drapery establishment, the table crowded with articles of dress, none of which please her.
Denotes one not easily satisfied and who is not always conscious of the feelings of others. He is not deficient in taste, but he allows his mind to be so affected by varied desires and feelings that it is difficult for him to preserve firmness. He should ever strive to encourage the positive and to cultivate fixity of mind. It is a symbol of Dissatisfaction.

15 Capricorn: A hand extended, on which is resting a triangle, from which rays of light are issuing.
Denotes one of fine comprehension and intellectuality, essentially fitted for very special world work. He is ever searching for the truth in art, science, and life, and has a mind powerful enough to withstand criticism from the ignorantly learned. Reward comes to him. At the close of earth life he sees the light. It is a symbol of Transition.

16 Capricorn: A number of books floating near a coast land rich in vegetation and floral charm, with beautiful grottos rising from the blue sea.
Denotes one, artistic and nature-loving, who has a rapturous appreciation for the grandeur of creation and endeavors by some media-art, letters, or song-to express it. He has a strong affinity with nature, and her many moods will act and react on his sensitive soul. It is a symbol of Expression.

17 Capricorn: A flood of deep blue light which, gradually becoming more and more refined, fades away altogether.
Denotes one of sublime aspirations. To him the spiritual is ever more attractive than the material. The more life advances, the more refined his philosophy becomes until its rays fade from earth with the soul so well expressing it. It is a symbol of Supersensualism.

18 Capricorn: A silver-hued garment lying in the mud. Overhead are the dark clouds of an approaching storm.
Denotes one whose fate is greatly influenced by the acts of others, and whose life is blended with the hopes and ambitions of the many. He will have trials and temptations, and can only defend himself and his honor by firmly refusing to be drawn into affairs of an unworthy nature. It is a symbol of Changes.

19 Capricorn: A large crab with its claws imbedded in a seal.
Denotes one of a vigorous and determined nature and great stubbornness of character who holds strongly to pronounced opinions and ideas. If he is thrown into political life he becomes a statesman whose firmness will be appreciated by his friends and regretted by his enemies It is a symbol of Holding.

20 Capricorn: A girl carrying a bowl of water into which are reflected the rays of the setting sun. All around is darkness
Denotes one whose spirituality shines amidst the intensity of the darkness of materialism, a seer whose destiny it is to raise the fallen to a realization of the divine excellence of man and to warn off the dark and opposing enemies. It is a symbol of Evolution.

21 Capricorn: The head of a goat with the solar disc between its horns.
Denotes an extremely sensitive and impressionable nature of romantic and strange fancies. If the sun is afflicted at birth or if the moon is changing from old to new, the native is liable to obsession or evil company, which threaten his honor, and he will have to seek help from more positive minds. But if the orbs be in good aspect and the moon be elevated, strong, advancing from new to full, advancement will be the native's destiny. It is a symbol of Perplexity.

22 Capricorn: A hawk standing on a square black rock bathed in the rays of the rising sun.
Denotes one whose power is directed to the uplifting and advancement of his race-a stayer of war and strife, of plague and riot. He looks directly ahead, far ahead into the years to come when the new sun will illuminate the glory of a new age of gold. It is a symbol of Renewing.

23 Capricorn: A dog, holding a bird in his mouth, running across a field of daisies.
Denotes a far-seeing person with a fine appreciation of poetry and the arts and a well-endowed mind capable of delving deeply into obscure subjects. Should Mercury be afflicted in the horoscope, especially by Saturn, the native will incline to exercise his powers in a wrong direction and to seek to restrain to his advantage the rights of others. It is a symbol of Sagacity.

24 Capricorn: Three quivering arrows speeding towards a kneeling maiden, but before they reach her they crumble to atoms against a mighty hand which suddenly descends from the heavens.
Denotes one who will escape three great dangers by reason of a faith which draws to him the protection of the higher Powers. The most threatening is the third danger, but his faith is proof against this also. He will have moments of intense feeling and will not permit others to usurp his position nor rob him of the fruits of his toil. He is a peculiar child of destiny, and destiny does not design him for a low position in earth life. It is a symbol of Favor.

25 Capricorn: A man, gaudily attired, opening a document in the centre of which is a dagger.
Denotes one who will hold positions of responsibility and advantage. He has an inborn love of show and glitter, pomp and ceremony. He will be endowed with much mental ability and powers of persuasion, but is not free from secret enemies who seek to end his career by craft or violence. It is a symbol of Unrest.

26 Capricorn: A woman lifting from the ground an injured child.
Denotes one whose ruling impulse is for the protection and comfort of mankind and who will put this into practice; in fact he will be called upon to do so by the influence of that Power who sent him to earth as a defender of the weak. He will find himself in the midst of various aiding and opposing forces, but so deep is his sympathy with the oppressed that conquest as sure unto him. It is a symbol of Tending.

27 Capricorn: A woman, neatly dressed, seated on an old-fashioned chair, looking out of a cottage window on to a pretty little garden. Her face expresses pleasant contemplation.
Denotes one of a particularly kind and temperament, extremely thoughtful and a lover of men, animals, and nature, of sin-tastes and careful judgment. The native psychic powers and prophetic foresight regarding future events. It is a symbol of Meditating.

28 Capricorn: An athlete throwing a large iron quoit and disregarding a wild, ill-conditioned dog who is barking at him.
Denotes one, vigorous in mind and body, who advances in his special sphere through his energy and by virtue of his destiny. He is sure to meet with enemies and opponents in life, and his way will be frequently threatened and challenged. But he is mysteriously protected. and so long as his intentions and actions are not stayed by the envy and criticisms of others all will be well with him. It is a symbol of Parrying.

29 Capricorn: A dismantled fortress in ruins; near-by, an old man sitting on the ground, his back resting against a rock, with a sacred book beside him. His face expresses great sadness.
Denotes one of conservative and contemplative mind, aspiring, purposeful, and retentive, who mends the broken chains which link the past to the present, and who sees in the coming dawn a reflection of the remote past. He gains honor and esteem, but is not free from sadness. His ideals will be injured by events, expected perhaps in all but intensity. It is a symbol of Comparison.

30 Capricorn: A meteorite falling on a mountain-top.
Denotes one who is cautious and generally fortunate, and who nevertheless may be subjected to sudden attacks on his name and possessions He should avoid law and legal tribunals, and always fix agreements by writing, in order prevent future disputes. He may gain a position of importance, but will not be able to hold it, he may be elected to a position which can only be held for a limited term. The higher he aims the more he renders himself vulnerable to shafts of those above him. It is a symbol Strengthening.

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