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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Cancer: A curious ring set with a large heart of white onyx.
Denotes one of occult learning and of an extremely sensitive and sympathetic nature who will do much for the pleasure and help of the people. He is gifted with a peculiar power, which produces a feeling of calmness and serenity. He may not be free from his own worries, but the power to cast away such poison is his, and he will find that the rays of good he throws out for others will react with added force on himself. It is a symbol of Compassion.

2 Cancer: A labourer leaning against a tree watching a number of others digging in a neighboring field.
Denotes one who lets others do the work which he should do for himself. He is fond of the luxuries of life, but is quite content to receive without the toil of gaining them. He can advance his own philosophy to uphold his actions, and will be supported throughout his present life on earth. It is a symbol of Inertia.

3 Cancer: A creeping plant, worms eating at the root, growing over a rustic summer-house.
Denotes one who inclines to a quiet and simple life away from the din and struggle of cities. Of a kind and trusting nature, he may leave his vital affairs too in the hands of others, and thus risk danger, trouble, and losses. He will be wise to look to his affairs and to those he trusts to attend to them. It is a symbol of Entrusting.

4 Cancer: A drunken reveler in fancy costume asleep at a table, the contents of his overturned cup of red wine pouring on to the floor.
Denotes a romantic but erratic nature who leads himself to esteem the follies of the world before wisdom. In his pursuit of happiness he will find nothing but exhaustion and fatigue and emptiness. It is a symbol of Misdirection.

5 Cancer: A man seated on a rock on a newly boomed goldfield, a new pick and shovel beside him, looking gloomily at a newspaper containing reports of rich finds in the locality.
Denotes one who takes too much notice of reports and who ventures before he has obtained enough evidence as to the nature of his speculations. This tendency, unless checked, leads him to a land of famine instead of a land of plenty. It is a symbol of Pitfalls.

6 Cancer: A man spending money lavishly entertaining his friends, a clown hidden behind a curtain laughing at him.
Denotes one to whom money comes, but who dissipates it, and falls into need again. He must control an extravagant tendency which can only bring him ephemeral friends and leave him but trouble and misery. It is a symbol of Wastefulness.

7 Cancer: An antique, gold-capped Corinthian column of white marble, slightly crumbling at its base.
Denotes one who strives to stand erect. Time does not cast him down, for grandeur and beauty are his companions; but beauty, however sublime, is never without a flaw, for the flaw intensifies the beauty. The erect column indicates strength, the crumbling at the base fear, which alone can destroy if permitted to infect the whole. Where faith is, then fear will be never. True faith is knowledge absolute, and what knowledge so perfect as the consciousness in man of his own strength? It is a symbol of Gracefulness.

8 Cancer: A newspaper editor at his desk-a mass of proofs before him-parleying with a man who averts his face.
Denotes one whose position in life will enable him to hold many secrets connected with the lives of others and who wields a power which will cause fear to many of position and reputation. A desire for material advantages may cause him to sway in the pursuit of his duty. It is a symbol of Muzzling.

9 Cancer: An acrobat performing before a large audience.
Denotes one who comes before the public and whose risky adventures secure him favor. He sees many changes in life, and has a hard struggle at times, but his energy and resourcefulness are great, and his spirits never fail. Great wealth will not fall to the native, but his life will not end for lack of means. It is a symbol of Publicity.

10 Cancer: A painter at his easel in a graceful forest glade. It is the hour of sunset, and strange shadows of unearthly grandeur are falling.
Denotes one of much perseverance and artistic power, to whom the poetry of form and color appeal most magically. He has a love of quiet, and a rustic life will help to draw to his soul a wealth of inspiration and calm. His search is not for immortality, for this is old knowledge to him. He sees deeply into the imperishable paths, tasting of their everlasting grandeur. It is a symbol of Sublimity.

11 Cancer: A number of maidens, crowned with garlands of wild flowers, dancing on a green lawn.
Denotes one of bright and joyous spirit and friendly nature whose desire it is to spread happiness and contentment wherever he goes. The native will always be much loved and popular. He comes to the world with a message of love, life, and hope, and a mind which resists the encroachments of evil. It is a symbol of Simplicity.

12 Cancer: An avenue of trees bending before a destructive wind-storm, the rich golden leaves of autumn falling thickly.
Denotes one whose thoughts will be directed to securing a competency for himself in old age, and who will labor hard to accomplish his desire. His love of quiet is disturbed and outraged, and he will be shaken by storms as a tree in the wind. Still he fights on in gloom or sunshine, passing madness on the way. It is a symbol of Bending.

13 Cancer: A volcano in active eruption devastating the country for miles around, whilst groups of peasants cling to their little homes.
Denotes one who is born to face danger and to indulge in undertakings of a venturesome nature which yield little profit and entail much trouble. He is rather fixed in his ideas, and may fail to fall in with the views of the majority. Neither will he attempt to escape when the storm is against him. It is a symbol of Pertinacity.

14 Cancer: A crab climbing up an upright iron spear, above which is a circlet of seven stars.
Denotes one who, never daunted by obstacles, opposition, and hardship, will rise by his own effort to a position of dignity and importance in his special sphere. Uniting an iron will to stubbornness of purpose, the native proves his worth, and triumphs. It is a symbol of Irrefragability.

15 Cancer: An auctioneer's hammer lying on a heap of gold money and bank-notes.
Denotes one who acts with craft and sagacity towards his point of attainment and who will ever struggle hard to hold what he gets. His attitude brings material gain, and his methods bring others under his influence. His life will not be without its disappointments, but he is not the man to yield to "set-backs." His philosophy is self preservation. It is a symbol of Disregarding.

16 Cancer: A young man standing on the top of a high mountain, the world stretched out below him, grasping a sword which comes from the heavens to his hand.
Denotes one who is entrusted with a high mission and who is deeply inspired, having a spirituality entirely serene. To him has the mandate "Co forth and teach the people" been echoed from the heavens. He will be granted power and influence, so that the people will hear him call. The evidences of this peculiar mission are made manifest in his twelfth year and mature between the twenty-fourth and thirty-sixth years. It is the symbol of the Inspired.

17 Cancer: A band of merchants on camels traveling through the wilderness.
Denotes a lover of traveling whose leanings are towards a nomadic life. He is, however, keenly alive to the necessity of material work, and he traffics in stuffs the sale of which is not confined to any one district or country. He will accumulate by or through merchandise, exporting and importing, or through things of universal demand. Sometimes indiscreet, sometimes hasty, the native is always self-possessed. It is a symbol of Exchanging.

18 Cancer: A hand grasping gold pieces, some of which are falling through the fingers.
Denotes one who is disposed to place too much value on material things, esteeming them as philosophy and learning, one who will make his days pay him, and who seeks to gain the wealth of the world by all legitimate means. His nature is somewhat hard; he regards his best friends, the friends of his pocket, hence does not know his truest friends at all. He will continue thus to the end of his earth days, when, as the Talmud has it, all that he has gained slips through his fingers. It is a symbol of Materialism.

19 Cancer: An old man sitting alone in semi-darkness with an old book before him, from which emanate bright rays of light.
Denotes one whose whole life is devoted to finding out truth which gives him certainty beyond mere belief. He will never be daunted in his search, no matter how the storms drive round him. As the All-Divine Designer of the Grand Design draws his earth days to a close, he sees Darling of his pilgrimage face to face, and seeing knows. It is a symbol of Essentials.

20 Cancer: A wounded Bedouin mounted on his horse in the desert.
Denotes one of unsettled tendencies with a strong desire for freedom and liberty of movement who, brave, daring, and adventurous, is ever restless if held to one place for long. He is not well fitted for ordinary life, as his employment changes so much, and some of these changes will be sudden. His nature is willful, erratic, impulsive, and his body is marked naturally or by accident. It is a symbol of Liberty.

21 Cancer: A man having jumped over a fence falls into a ditch on the other side of it.
Denotes one who is over venturesome and liable to fall into grave mistakes and errors. He should be exceedingly careful of his conduct and endeavor by strength of will to moderate an impulsiveness which if allowed to grow will bring into form all the threatenings of this peculiar degree. Self-mastery and the forcing of self to obey the power of his spirit should be his chief care in life. It is a symbol of Hastiness.

22 Cancer: A jeweled crown falling from a height into mud.
Denotes one whose life will have a powerful influence on the people-one who rises to power through no special virtue of his own and who as a consequence of a false education and evil impressions uses his influence badly, going down to a hopeless grave. It is a symbol of Extinction.

23 Cancer: Fishermen pulling in their nets in calm weather.
Denotes one whose business in life is uncertain in its results, but who can calmly go on, contented to take whatever fate sends his way. He is gifted with mediumistic power and his impressions enable him to make but few mistakes in his affairs. It is a symbol of Peacefulness.

24 Cancer: A graceful dancer smilingly receiving applause and floral tributes.
Denotes one of charming manners and graceful style, poetic and artistic, who will be a general favorite. He is fortunate in an artistic or professional career or any calling which brings him in direct touch with the public. The infant life is threatened and should be guarded. It is a symbol of Pleasing.

25 Cancer: The setting Sun reflected from the sea in such a manner that the reflected rays interlace with the solar rays.
Denotes a psychic readily absorbing the thoughts and suggestions of others. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced, nor give way to negative states of mind or lowering thoughts. He must absorb noble teachings and eschew unworthy ones. Then as he reaches the latter part of his earth life glories will stream from his soul to unite with the lights of the heaven of aspiration. It is a symbol of Impressions.

26 Cancer: A marksman having failed to hit the bull's-eye in eight shots strikes it in the ninth.
Denotes one of a persevering spirit who is not disposed to sink under failures be they ever so frequent, nor will argument turn his mind from a set purpose, for in his soul is the knowledge that success will come to him in the end. In his attempts he is orderly, never undertaking a new thing before he has finished that which he has in hand. It is a symbol of the Undaunted.

27 Cancer: A moth circling a flame.
Denotes one who can be hypnotized by glitter and glare, power and show, and who takes risks which less impulsive people would shrink from. The will is too yielding and the love of pleasure too great. Let him remember that the moth which circles round the flame is ultimately drawn into it and consumed, and that the death of the moth does not trouble the flame. It is a symbol of Glitter.

28 Cancer: An old mill-wheel lying on the bank of a lily pond, with pretty creepers growing over it.
Denotes one whose life will be peaceful and whose marriage will be blessed. His desires are simple and his talents are natural. He does not wish to rule in the world of men. His mental attitude and manner of living form a magnetic point of help and sympathy where the world-worn may have balm for their wounds. It is a symbol of Charm.

29 Cancer: A man in a prison cell, a ray of light flowing through the bars, on which a little bird stands singing.
Denotes one liable to be bound soul and body, who will be restricted in action and desire. But even so he may yet release his true self and meet the force flowing from the fountain head. Thus, though one side may frown and obstruct him, the other will smile and release him. It is a symbol of Obstruction.

30 Cancer: A winged wheel flying across a green field.
Denotes one of character, force, and skill who by the hand of destiny will rise to a position in this world in which he is fitted to play a decided part. He has a keen imagination and considerable constructive ability. He gains from traveling and change. It is a symbol of Continuance.

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