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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Aries: A ball of fire bursting across a rainbow.
Denotes one of strength, force, and daring. By nature he is aggressive and martial, desiring to conquer at all costs. He is restless and impelling, taking many risks and enduring many hardships. The degree is a dangerous one, threatening mind and body. The symbol is a symbol of Action.

2 Aries: A man with a sword in his hand falling through a skylight of coloured glass.
Denotes one of a rash and impetuous nature. He is strong and brave, but is wanting in restraint, and is apt to involve himself in unpopular or regrettable actions. Such a one will, all through life, have to exercise a strong hand over himself and his actions. It is a symbol of Rashness.

3 Aries: A prince saving a child from a burning castle.
Denotes one of brave and noble qualities whose sense of duty holds danger in contempt when the call is for the help of the weak. As a leader such a one can be relied on in any emergency which may arise. He aims high materially and spiritually. It is a symbol of Nobility.

4 Aries: A mailed hand holding a dagger with a bent point.
Denotes one protected against external hurt, yet who, with a powerful desire for martial action in all affairs of life, may be tempted to use protective armor for offensive purposes, forgetting that the point of the dagger of aggression is blunted. Such a one needs to restrain impulse and to bestow thought and study on any contemplated action, then let him be sure that his dagger be true before he strikes. It is a symbol of Misconception.

5 Aries: A feudal knight in full armor standing on the walls of his castle defying a multitude of armed people. A mysterious figure at the back of the crowd strikes a note on a curious six-stringed harp, the massive walls crumble and fall, and the defier is at the mercy of the defied.
Denotes one who is apt to place infinite reliance on materialistic things and to exult in the strength which their possession gives him over the masses of men. In the midst of his power a spiritual force, acting on invisible agencies and sending forth a note softer than the trumpet sounds of Jericho, may rudely disturb him. Then, if his soul truly awakes, the native becomes a valiant knight in the cause of enlightenment, but if the soul slumbers back again into the sludge of materialism, then will the native again place all his hopes on things that seem, and the defier will be truly at the mercy of the defied. It is a symbol of False Security.

6 Aries: A metalsmith in his workshop fixing a silver caduceus of Mercury in a base of copper. Around are scattered various metals and instruments.
Denotes one of inward understanding. The smith by his craft glorifies the power of love and intelligence which he cements together. The base of copper indicates that no form of learning matter unless it is engendered by love and held by its soft and holy influence. One with this degree rising has a noble destiny. He is the metal smith, and this is the mark of his mission. It is a symbol of Mental Perception.

7 Aries: A man saving himself from falling into a deep cavern by clutching a wild rose-tree. The thorns cut into his flesh but the plant supports him.
Denotes one lacking self-confidence, relying too much on the weaker things which wound him whilst they hold him. To this native, luxury is hurtful, for the senses are active and the feelings quickly respond to environment. To rise superior to external conditions and the tyranny of sense is the task of the native of this degree. The symbol is a symbol of Weakness.

8 Aries: A silver axe shattering a shield of iron.
Denotes one possessing understanding and a penetrative intellect who will be compelled many times in life to exert his abilities for the removal of obstacles and formidable enemies. He is gifted with much moral bravery and a high sense of duty. Here we have a hero whose weapon of defence and offence is the mind. It is a symbol of Penetration.

9 Aries: A Roman general gaudily appareled receiving a wreath of flowers from an empress.
Denotes one of proud bearing who delights in fine clothes and display. He will always attract admirer., and gain honor and advancement. In some way he will bear rule. If fate leads him into the theatrical profession, he will lead. If into business, he will be strong, courted, and successful in finance. If into the army or navy he will be a powerful officer. It is a symbol of Gaining.

10 Aries: A ship illumined with the rosy rays of morning sailing towards the rising sun.
Denotes spiritual and material advancement. The native will in some way be a pioneer whose labors will be hailed and recognized. He will be favored by the people, and will easily attract influence. To obtain the best promises of this degree he may have to move about as indicated in his horoscope. It is a symbol of Influence.

11 Aries: A little child tying a ribbon round a lamb's neck, the flock playfully frolicking around.
Denotes one of simple manners and lovable personality who has the power to change sadness into joy and wipe away tears from the faces of the afflicted. One to whom trust is given and who will not abuse it. It is a symbol of Ideality.

12 Aries: A druid cutting the acorn from the sacred oak with a sickle of silver.
Denotes change and romance. The native will suffer fluctuations in thoughts, feelings, and conditions. As the body ages, the higher side of the native asserts itself and the allurements of youth fail to hold power over him. Much wandering and many strange adventures make up his experiences in the worlds spiritual and material. It is a symbol of Roaming.

13 Aries: A bright steel cross-sword with a handle of gleaming copper, above it a heart of gold from which stream shafts of golden light.
Denotes bravery, love, and sincerity. Honor will come to this native, his thoughts and ambitions lead him upwards. By Love's guidance he passes over obstacles and pursues an honorable course. His nature is somewhat proud, but he is generous and noble-minded. Influence and favor come to him. It is a symbol of Light.

14 Aries: A man standing on a mountain gazing sadly on the valley below, where some men are fighting for a bag of gold whilst a monkey is eating their food. On his right is the spirit of Truth; on his left the spirit of Love; behind him, holding on to his garment, is the spirit of Hate.
Denotes one who reaches a position of responsibility, power, and influence, and seeks to find in man the spark which being agitated blazes forth in glory, guiding by its perfect light. Here we have the teacher who strives to lead men from the valley of darkness into the light of understanding, but who himself is threatened by Error and Hate, which if he permits to influence him will drag him from his throne. But if he join his own great soul to Truth and Love, what wonders may he not perform! It is a symbol of Intercession.

15 Aries: A Crusading knight with red cross on white corselet sinking in the quicksands, an Arab mocking at him from the safe ground he has left
Denotes an adventurer or one who follows risk and courts trouble, for he carries the cross of suffering on a field of light. He may be gifted with some noble sentiments, feelings, and impressions, but his very rashness and impetuosity force him to miscalculate, threatening to make him the sport of his enemies. It is a symbol of Deviation.

16 Aries: Wild flowers growing amidst the corn in a sunlit field.
Denotes a person of charm, a lover of freedom- mental and physical-of nature, and of simple loveliness whose works in life will be blessed with success, and whose individuality will make itself felt amongst men. It is a symbol of Abundance.

17 Aries: A beautiful woman, richly dressed, reclining on a couch, with fruits and golden vessels around her. At her hand, on an ornate table of white marble, lies an opened book.
Denotes a lotus-eater, a lover of pleasure, who delights in ease and the sweets of life. The fortunes are favored, but the native makes no personal effort to increase them. The mind is romantic and art-loving, and the form graceful. It ii a symbol of Luxury.

18 Aries: The goddess Venus holding out her hands to a wounded soldier, who is painfully trying to reach her.
Denotes sympathy. Many times will the native stumble and fall by the way, but ever will there be a bright light before him to dispel the darkness of the night and to dissipate his fears. The mind is aspiring, but to reach its ideal, pain and struggle are involved. The native must not falter, for very nigh unto him is his hope-a little sacrifice and endeavor will unite him to it. It is a symbol of Upraising.

19 Aries: A harp resting against an altar, from which a volume of smoke arises.
Denotes one whose soul is full of poetry, harmony, and true religion, whose endeavors may be thwarted, but not suppressed. One to whom peace and goodwill are more precious than mere words, and whose prayers are unselfish, thoughtful, and sincere. It is a symbol of Consecration.

20 Aries: A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.
Denotes a determined worker, vigorous in the fight against opposition-a transmuter of himself and those who contend against him. Gifted with so strong a spirit, this native can never be mean. Baseness does not find a place in his nature. He loathes idleness, for energy, pain, and experience have taught him the power of industry. It is a symbol of Resolution.

21 Aries: A man struggling with a fierce serpent whilst others armed with large knives are hurrying to aid him.
Denotes one who will be assailed by secret and open enemies, who will be liable to troubles and false accusations. In his dealings he should always exercise great care, and should not rely on word-of-mouth agreements. He will not be without devoted friends, who will not neglect him in the hour of his greatest need. His intense feelings will cause him trouble, danger, illness, and regret, and he will have to strive with the dark serpent. Let him unite himself with noble and good-living people, and put away from himself votaries of evil. It is a symbol of Contention.

22 Aries: A pilgrim crossing himself in front of an ancient temple, an overdressed official and a soldier mocking him.
Denotes a devout person who will be subjected to many trials and taunts in life, but who will, by the strength of his faith, overcome them all. He comes from the masses rather than from the classes, and his sympathy will ever be with the struggling people of the nations. From officialdom and materialism he receives scant courtesy. It is a symbol of Faith.

23 Aries: A king absorbed in the flatteries of a courtier whose mistress is stealing important documents from a drawer.
Denotes one who is too ready to delude himself and to live in an insincere atmosphere of adulation and deception. Without accomplishing anything of particular merit, he accepts praises from flattering parasites. Thus is he lulled into a sense of false security, and loses those things which are truly of worth. It is a symbol of Entrapping.

24 Aries: A youth grasping a beautiful woman, who turns into a skeleton in his arms.
Denotes one who may lose his way following his desires. He is highly passionate, and allows himself to be shaken by his senses as the wind shakes the autumn leaves. He is then apt to grow selfish, and to disregard the feelings and rights of others, with consequences bringing to him death, defeat, and disaster. It is a symbol of Illusion.

25 Aries: An old man with a scythe cutting down a field of nettles.
Denotes one who cuts his way through pricks, scratches, and wounds. The "coldly useful" may rise up against him to again be cut down to his advantage. The native is not tied to mere sentiment, and will be keen and enthusiastic in research, leading to discovery. It is a symbol of Revealing.

26 Aries: The governor of a city surrendering the keys to a dark frowning conqueror.
Denotes one who struggles bravely against great odds who is beset by enemies who harass and worry him. After a great fight he may have to hand over what he holds to one stronger than he is and be content with what consideration is given to him afterwards. It is a symbol of Dependence.

27 Aries: A huge hour-glass, the sands in which are running low.
Denotes one who is apt to delay the following up of matters of importance and to procrastinate until the hour grows too late to serve his purposes. His tendency is to move too slowly when the nature of an event demands hasty action. It is a symbol of Delaying.

28 Aries: A lapidary holding in his hand a magnificent amethyst, at which he gazes admiringly.
Denote one gifted with mental and moral strength, power, and forcefulness, who brings hope to many a sad or fearful heart. He is magnetic and iconoclastic, and by his faith and will he gains many adherents. it is a symbol of Fascination.

29 Aries: An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great patience.
Denotes one of refined and patient nature who is content to work hard and slowly in the endeavor to accomplish worthy and enduring objects. He may be skilled in the arts that uplift, or an admirer of them. Still his destiny is bright, especially after his forty-fifth year, when his merit will receive recognition and favour. It is a symbol of Development.

30 Aries: A man endeavoring to subdue a raging forest fire with a pail of water.
Denotes one who will endure sorrow and who underestimates the strength of his adversaries. He is apt to enter into great schemes with very little backing, and to provoke argument without being prepared to meet it. Hence he is continually at the mercy of forces into whose grip he enters without regard to consequences. He is apt to fight a hard fight with insignificant weapons, and thus to court defeat. It is a symbol of Unreadiness.

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