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Kozminsky Symbols

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1 Aquarius: A human head in a mass of clouds, which are rose-tinted by the rising sun.
Denotes one of sensitive and poetic imagination who is capable of sublime flights of fancy. He is somewhat easily swayed by others, although himself capable of showing the way. He is a dreamer of dreams and a man of action, and many will have cause to honor his name. It is a symbol of Doing.

2 Aquarius: A large mulberry-tree laden with fruit, around which are many birds.
Denotes one of romantic disposition and fine taste who will be favored by fortune and who will attract many friends. There is benevolence and sympathy in this nature, and prophetic ability also. He is generally successful in the attainment of his desires. It is a symbol of Contentment.

3 Aquarius: A white-haired man, holding a cross before him, walking over a mosaic pavement.
Denotes one of a truly religious mind whose career will be as full of incident as the many pieces which go to make a mosaic pavement are full of color. Material life is not without its dangers-moral and physical-but the native is not born under the heel of fear. He sees beyond his times and bears his cross. It is a symbol of Faithfulness.

4 Aquarius: A beautiful fountain throwing upwards delicate sprays of yellow-tinted water, a jeweled crown showing in the mists.
Denotes one of refined mind who is destined to advance and gain power and influence over others. He will bring relief to many a thirsty soul, and many will bless him as he passes by the way. He is humanitarian, sincere, romantic, and harmonious. The life is not free from danger until after the thirtieth year has passed. Thence his way is elevation and peace. It is a symbol of Defending.

5 Aquarius: A nautilus shell being driven, on the sea, before the wind towards a rocky shore.
Denotes one who reaches fame fitting his rank. He will have elegant tastes arid a love of luxury, but is liable to be imposed on or wrongly advised. He can quickly grasp impressions and set his thoughts into activity, but he should direct his will unto himself and watch the threatening rock shore with his eyes well opened. It is a symbol of Inclining.

6 Aquarius: A lady raising her white-gloved hand to receive a jeweled crown surrounded by a strange light which is floating towards her.
Denotes one on whom Fame smiles and who is fitted to receive her favor. For this native there is dignity and honor, which follows a degree of struggle, disappointment, and comparative obscurity. He is moved by many and varied feelings and is blessed with a vivid and fine imagination. He is cultured, neat in style, and artistic, with considerable psychic ability and occult understanding. It is a symbol of Ascending.

7 Aquarius: A naked foot bleeding; above, a burning lamp.
Denotes one whose path in life will be filled with rocks and roughness, whose soul will be directed to the secret of the Holy Truth. He is liable to assaults, injuries, and the stings of jealous hate. Still he goes forward, forward like a conquering hero with light to lift the darkness and pain. He may falter, but he will not fall by the way. It is a symbol of Suffering.

8 Aquarius: A soldier endeavoring to escape from a prison cell through a barred window.
Denotes one of a vital, vigorous, and martial disposition who endeavors to cut his way by mind or sword. Danger in early childhood may be overcome according to the power of the horoscope, but danger is never absent from him, and he is liable to be constrained or oppressed with enemies of his own making or he may be a dangerous enemy to himself. To pass through a barred window self-conquest alone knows the way. It is a symbol of Limitation.

9 Aquarius: A large, bright, military shield lying on a mountain, from which stream rays reflecting shafts of brilliant light.
Denotes one of powerful energy and firmness of purpose who in the second half of his life attains the reward of his labors and the gratification of his ambitions. He then attracts fame, drawing it unto himself as the loadstone draws steel. From his wisdom come rays which dazzle men by their brilliancy. It is a symbol of Reputation.

10 Aquarius: A woman, blind and in chains, in a magnificent and brilliantly lighted room.
Denotes one fated in the strongest sense of the term. If Venus is afflicted in the horoscope the native will be liable to suffer from overindulgence of some kind or from some trouble indicated by the Venusian position in the natal chart. He may do things he will regret and from which suffering may come. He should take hold of himself as a rider does a restless horse. Let him learn to open his eyes and to strike off his chains, and he will know the beauty which surrounds him. It is a symbol of Narrowness.

11 Aquarius: Flowers twined round a scepter.
Denotes one of gifted mind and exceptional qualities, a singer of songs and a bearer of light, whose works gain for him respect and dignity, and whose name will be remembered long after his form has left this earth. Beautiful thoughts will cling to him as the ivy clings to the garden wall, and pleasant minds will come to him as the flowers which entwine the scepter. It is a symbol of Taste.

12 Aquarius: A beautiful woman tending a dove with injured wing. On a table a manuscript, a bundle of letters, and an open book.
Denotes one of sympathy and feeling who thinks deeply because he feels deeply, and whose ideas, entirely utilitarian, find the ready acceptance of is will have much to do with the majority. He launching of beneficial reforms, and will ever be striving to heal the wounds of others and point a way to go. It is a symbol of Reforming.

13 Aquarius: A veiled figure, seated on a rock, pointing to a radiated human eye in mid-air.
Denotes one of occult understanding and a deep, feeling nature who will often be alone or apart from busy centers. Wherever he may be he never can feel really alone, for there is a power of seership bestowed on him which enables him to see the true, the beautiful, and the sublime in a form unknown to the masses of humanity. His is the eye that sees. It is a symbol of Discernment.

14 Aquarius: Man writing, with a quill pen in each hand, in front of him a flickering oil-lamp. His face betrays anxiety.
Denotes one who strives to do more than he can accomplish, who has " too many irons in the fire," and, while thinking to accomplish much, does but little. He may be two-sided or have two philosophies obtruding themselves at the same time. The life is restless, anxious, and over it hangs a threatening hand. Peace comes from the cultivation of the higher and the rejection of the lower. It is a symbol of Difficulties.

15 Aquarius: A woman seated on an anchor, a rudder in her hand and an opened book at her feet.
Denotes one who is guided through the many intricacies of life by a faith which cannot be shaken, being born of a philosophy or understanding which sinks deeply into a receptive nature. The mind is broad and wide in its sympathies, and the native feels and knows the reality of the way immortal, even though he may not be able to express it in mere words. It is a symbol of Guidance.

16 Aquarius: A ship running before the wind with bare poles. The sea, black and angry, is illumined by a ray of moonlight which shines through a break in the heavy clouds.
Denotes one of a trusting spiritual nature who will have trials in life threatening and bitter, and who will often be storm-driven and held in the grip of hard circumstances. Now and then there are breaks in the storms of life which bring relief, no matter how small. But he must go on; his way is difficult and the night is dark, but in the morning light will come. It is a symbol of Experience.

17 Aquarius: A crab on an inverted triangle, above which are two hands tugging at a laurel wreath.
Denotes one of great perseverance who clings on to his ideas with a tenacity which forces respect. Things of earth worry him; he will have to bear his cross, and he bears it without protest. He will not surrender, no matter how hard he may be pressed. He gains the victor's wreath in the teeth of opposition. It is a symbol of Strife.

18 Aquarius: A lion running down a dreary and barren field at the end of which is a V-shaped road. On the one side are hunters armed, on the other a rocky entrance leads to sunlit lawns.
Denotes a strong nature, capable of good or evil, who, after early struggles amidst uncongenial surroundings, begins to perceive roads leading to some definite goal. According to the portents in the horoscope will the selected way be one of tears or smiles. There will be achievement of benefit or otherwise, and the earth end will be violent or peaceful as it is willed. It is a symbol of Doubting.

19 Aquarius: Setting sun shining on a waterfall, giving it the appearance of golden water.
Denotes one who has a graceful method of expressing his thoughts and who will reach his place when life's midway has passed. He will accomplish much, and his words will ring so that many will stop to listen. His actions harmonize with his beliefs, and his soul is serene. It is a symbol of Proclaiming.

20 Aquarius: A quaint old chest standing in an old hall, a large key on the floor before it. Around are pieces of armour and old instruments of music. On the top of the chest is a dog asleep.
Denotes one of a somewhat conservative nature, thoughtful, studious, and serious, by whom the training of the mind is placed before all else and whose soul is set on works of cultivation. He may show special genius in some section of art or music, or he may be in a position to advance them. He is a seeker after truth and the key is near for him to use when the guardian has slumbered. It is a symbol of Skillfulness.

21 Aquarius: A man with chains on his wrists appealing to a crowd of people.
Denotes one whose life is set on the eradication of injustice and whose advocacy of what he considers right brings on him pain, ridicule, and misrepresentation. He is limited, chained, constrained, opposed, and oppressed, and will suffer hurt even from those for whom he gives up his comfort and ease. But the seal is set, and he will see the tree which many considered barren bearing fruit. It is a symbol of Heralding.

22 Aquarius: A number of men saving volumes of books from the flames which are enveloping a library building.
Denotes one of a literary and scholastic mind to whom the pen is truly "mightier than the sword," and who inclines to the production of original works, whilst carefully preserving those that have gone before. In other ways he is a patron of literature and redeems much of value to the world. He may find himself in the midst of conflicting forces and be compelled to actions which may cause pain. It is a symbol of Conserving.

23 Aquarius: A musician playing a curious instrument of the organ type. In the foreground a large St. Andrew's cross, one limb of a dark, cloudy substance, the other white.
Denotes one over whose early life a shadow hangs, of original mind, unorthodox and artistic. He is strangely moved by beauty and grace, blending loveliness of form with the seductive invisibility of sweet sounds. Living in the midst of high vibrations, the native is in danger of being drawn into the vortex of oppositions. Then the evil crosses the good and the devil wrestles with the man. It is a symbol of Crossing.

24 Aquarius: A woman neatly attired, with her hand on a tomb, looking sorrowfully on a flower-covered grave.
Denotes a refined person forced to meet sorrow face to face. According to the degree of experience to be learned, so will be the degree of sorrow to be endured. Passion is not apart from this degree, but passion leads to pain, whilst subjugation leads to mastery. It is a symbol of Tribute.

25 Aquarius: A victor in a duel with a look of agony breaking his sword over his knee.
Denotes one born to conquer, but whose material conquests bring him pain and grief. As he advances in life and the sun of his soul throws brighter lights before him, he will realize how worthless aggression really is and how much grander is a word spoken in kindness than one spoken in anger, how much sweeter a kind face than one made hideous by the poison of hate. Then he will break his sword. It is a symbol of Reaction.

26 Aquarius: Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in air above.
Denotes one of mystic and reformative leanings who may be impressed by invisible forces for certain work on earth, but who may not be conscious of the part he is called upon to play. He has intelligence, force, and bravery, with a strong will, and what he is willed to do he will do. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced. nor yield his will to the power of another, in the body or out of it. It is a symbol of Service

27 Aquarius: A man of strong build locking securities in a great iron safe in the turret-room of an old castle.
Denotes one, forceful, strong, and aggressive, who will be the guardian of many responsibilities and who unites strength of purpose with executive ability. He defends and attacks: he is a master and a servant. Errors are always dangerous, and only from errors will regret come. It is a symbol of Stewardship.

28 Aquarius: A spire on top of a pyramid, at the base of which is a horse with a manuscript in his mouth.
Denotes one born for great deeds, aspiring and energetic. His work will travel far and will be of a strong and reformative character, which will meet with the usual opposition afforded to such works amongst a certain caste. He must never stay. Ever with the symbol before his eyes must he continue his way, for victory is sure. It is a symbol of Reformation.

29 Aquarius: Forked lightning surrounded by stars amidst storm-clouds.
Denotes one whose rise in life will be sudden and who will maintain his position with difficulty. He will enjoy the smiles of favoring fortune and suffer the frowns of envy, and is destined to wrestle with opposition and inharmonious conditions. Let him study his horoscope and steer clear of the breakers. It is a symbol of Debate.

30 Aquarius: Wavy rays of light, in shape like a huge wheel, reflecting on a blue evening sky.
Denotes one of sober judgment and a natural leaning towards the occult arts. He has respect for such learning, in which he himself is gifted. His logical nature refuses to be led by orthodox thought or to yield to the shallow opinions of hypnotized crowds. Generally the life is fortunate. The native is slow to move, but has abundant sympathy, which his mind regulates or restrains. As he advances in earth life, his psychic eye will be opened and he will know and understand those things which he before accepted with reserve, but without scruple. It is in the latter part of his life that the gates of knowledge are opened to his soul. It is a symbol of Controlling.

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