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Encyclopedia of Astrology (Nicholas deVore)

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Kabala. v. Cabala.

Kakatyche. Ill-fortune. A greek term for the Sixth House.

Karma. Applied to the end-result of the operation of the Law of Cause and Effect. Perhaps its closest English equivalent is Destiny. Many Western astrologers are inclined to reject the concept of Karma, and its associated doctrines of Predestination and Reincarnation, as escapist theories of help only to those who have been unable to master Destiny through the exercise of Free Will and Self Determination. They feel that if Astrology is to serve any worthy end, by way of aiding in the formulation and pursuit of a Design for Living built to individual specifications, it must avoid any such blind and fatalistic acceptance of limitations as is implied in the doctrine of Karma.

Katababazon. The Dragon's Tail. v. Nodes.

Kether. The first Sephira of the Tree of Life; the Crown, situated in the world of Atziluth; known also as the Primum Mobile, the highest point in a Figure of the Heavens. The term pertains chiefly to Hindu astrology.

Key-Cycle. A system of progressions published by Sidney K. Bennett, under the pseudonym of "Wynn." Based upon the fractional quarter-day excess which is corrected by a leap-year every fourth year, it is an adaptation of Solar Return calculations, adjusted to any desired date or geographical location.

Kosmos. The Universe, as distinguished from our earth.

Krishna. A Hindu deity, the incarnation of Vishnu.

Kronos. v. Saturn.

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