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The Part of Fortune

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The Part of Fortune

Part of Fortune

In astrology, Arabic Parts are sensitive points in a persons chart. The Part of Fortune is the most popular Arabic Part used in modern astrology due to its inclusion of the three most important points in a natal chart: the position of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The position of the Part of Fortune and indeed all Arabic Parts is calculated using specific formulas whereby two planets or points are added together, and a third planet or point is subtracted from that result and is reliant on accurate birth times. The science behind Arabic Parts is based upon the numerical relationships between points within the horoscope.

There are two calculations for the Part of Fortune, depending on if you were born during the night or day:

  • Fortuna's position for day births are calculated as follows: Ascendant + Moon - Sun
  • Fortuna's position for night births are calculated as follows: Ascendant + Sun - Moon

Fortuna in Mythology

In classical mythology, Fortuna, the first born daughter of Jupiter, was the Roman goddess of destiny, fortune and the personification of luck . At her famous shrine at Praeneste, oracles were obtained by a child drawing from a bag of wooden tokens, each inscribed with a cryptic message. She was also honoured as the bringer of fertility and increase, her name meaning 'She who brings things', from the Latin ferre 'to bring'.

Fortuna in Astrology

The Part of Fortune in a birth chart is generally considered by modern astrologers to be indicative of ease and good fortune. As a unified expression of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the Part of Fortune serves to open the door to an innate climate of success, to an internal sense or quality of wholeness and abundance. However, this inner and outer pot of potential gold, where dreams are fulfilled, is the result of conscious intent and nurtured application.

At a deeper level, the Part of Fortune is considered to represent the path to contentment by harmonizing your inner and outer needs.

The activities of the sign and house in which the Part of Fortune appears reveals how and where you can find success in life. Conjunctions to the Part of Fortune are also highly significant.

Through the natural inclinations shown by the Part of Fortune, each of us can work toward becoming a more integrated and complete person who is able to tap into a source of inner wealth and manifest it in outer ways of happiness and success. Since we are subconsciously and instinctively drawn to what this treasure of wealth represents, the chances are you have already dipped into your own pot of gold suggested by the Part of Fortune in your astrological chart.

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