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The Moon in Astrology

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The New Moon

This marks the phase of the moon when the light is not visible from Earth, because the side of the moon that is being lit by the sun is not facing us. New moons tend to offer opportunity for growth and present excellent times to start new projects, look to the future with optimism and change direction if you need to.

The Full Moon

This is a time when the Moon is at its most powerful, and emotions run high, people with a heavy water influence and women in general usually feel its influence the most. The full moon is the ideal time for healing, guidance, and completion of tasks. Each full moon is given a different name, depending on when it appears. For example, the Harvest moon is the full moon that appears nearest to the Autumn Equinox, which occurs in late September or early October.

The Moon and the Zodiac

Each new and full moon will occur in a different sign of the zodiac, the sign of the zodiac that the moon is positioned in reveals how the moon's influence will be felt. For example, a full moon in Pisces would offer the ideal opportunity to reflect on our capacity for compassion, intimacy, our connection with a higher force and help us to see beyond the surface of things. A new moon in Taurus would encourage you to revaluate your approach to the things you value most, rediscover your inner wealth and would present ideal money making opportunities.

Full moons tend to highlight receptivity while new moons highlight perceptivity.

Year 2011: Moon Calendar (Universal Time)

Date Time Moon Eclipse Position
15th January 07:11 New Moon Solar 25° Capricorn
30th January 06:18 Full Wolf Moon - 10° Leo
14th February 02:51 New Moon - 25° Aquarius
28th February 16:38 Full Snow Moon - 09° Virgo
15th March 21:01 New Moon - 25° Pisces
30th March 02:25 Full Worm Moon - 09° Libra
14th April 12:29 New Moon - 24° Aries
28th April 12:18 Full Pink Moon - 08° Scorpio
14th May 01:04 New Moon - 23° Taurus
27th May 23:07 Full Flower Moon - 06° Sagittarius
12th June 11:15 New Moon - 21° Gemini
26th June 11:30 Full Strawberry Moon Lunar 05° Capricorn
11th July 19:40 New Moon Solar 19° Cancer
26th July 01:37 Full Buck Moon - 02° Aquarius
10th August 03:08 New Moon - 17° Leo
24th August 17:05 Full Sturgeon Moon - 01° Pisces
8th September 10:30 New Moon - 16° Virgo
23rd September 09:17 Full Harvest Moon - 00° Aries
7th October 18:44 New Moon - 14° Libra
23rd October 01:36 Full Hunters' Moon - 29° Aries
6th November 04:52 New Moon - 14° Scorpio
21st November 17:27 Full Beaver Moon - 29° Taurus
5th December 17:36 New Moon - 13° Sagittarius
21st December 08:13 Full Cold Moon Lunar 29° Gemini

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