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Midpoints in Astrology


Many people are aware of the history and techniques that relate to the calculation and use of the Arabic Parts, in particular the Part of Fortune, but fewer people fully utilise the system of midpoints that Western Astrology has used and developed over many hundreds of years. Midpoints serve to locate areas of power in a chart. and also add additional depth and clarification to a chart, so if you're looking to understand your own chart a little more, they're well worth looking into.

Midpoints might sound like a fairly modern astrological technique; however they actually date back to the time of Ptolemy. A midpoint is basically the halfway point between two planets or personal points and as such is usually much easier to calculate than the Arabic parts. Like the Arabic parts each primary midpoint identifies a specific power point and has its own individual formula.

Midpoints add depth and detail to the appraisal of a natal chart hence it is best to take a look at midpoint pictures after an initial analysis of the chart has identified the most important themes present. The midpoint pictures will either reinforce and amplify those chart themes or else will introduce new or contradictory elements - important counterpoints which modify the original impression. Midpoints are also activated by transits just as a natal planet is.

The Eight Primary Midpoints

The Point of Meaning
Sun/Moon Mid-point

The most important midpoint in astrology, the Sun/Moon midpoint represents the externalization, practical realization, purpose and the meaning of personal existence. The sign placement of your Sun / Moon midpoint will reveal your overall character. The house placement of your Sun / Moon midpoint will show which life area is most essential to your happiness, health and wellbeing.   
Inverse midpoint: highlights your inner awareness, intuition, purpose and meaning of life.

Point of Identification & Adaptation
Moon/Saturn Mid-point
Represents the inter-functional relationship of identification and adaptation expressed in its most operative and concrete manner.
Inverse  Mid-point: highlights the internalization and spiritual release of forces of identification and adaption

Point of Associative Participation
Mercury/Jupiter Mid-point
Represents the externalization of individual powers of creative and associative participation within social sphere.
Inverse Midpoint - individuals manner of giving personal meaning to their social participation their ability to captivate the imaginations of others.

Point of Sex
Venus/Mars Mid-point
This is the point where duality is externalized and operates within the individual personality. Sensitivity to people and situations, a person's manner of approaching a situation.
Inverse Midpoint - manner of interpersonal relations and how your own sexuality is manifested

Point of Creativity
Jupiter/Saturn Mid-point
The world within and world without of a person. The uniqueness of the individual. The specific point of view. How the creative process gives meaning to individual expression. The interplay between the macrocosm and the microcosm. The responsibility for individual consciousness. The type of experiences a person has.
Inverse Midpoint - source of inspiration which gives personal and spiritual meaning to the creative process.

Point of Transformation.
Mars/Uranus Mid-point - This point forces the most intense and focus toward external change.
Inverse - The point most directed toward internal change.

Point of Reorientation
Jupiter/Neptune Mid-point - manner of reorientation operative in a person's life, the point of external release.
Inverse Midpoint - The point of release for internal/spiritual reorientation.

Point of Self-Refocalization
Saturn/Pluto Mid-point
The point of the most operative concrete refocus of energies and consciousness in a person's life.
Inverse Midpoint - the awareness of the process of refocalization in ones consciousness.

Midpoints & Relationships

While the planet combinations listed above probably the most significant midpoints there are many other mid-point combinations and interpretations. When applying mid-point theory to relationships for example we see that the following attributions apply:

Moon = Mother and the Feminine principal
Saturn = Father/Business Associates, masculine principal
Mercury/Mars = Brothers and Male Relatives
Mercury/Venus = Sisters and Female Relatives
Sun/North Node = Children
Venus/Uranus = Female Friends
Mars/Uranus = Male Friends
Jupiter = Grandparents

General Themes

The following table provides a quick reference guide to some of the influences and themes that each planet, either on its own or when combined with another planet represents. Obviously, a midpoint is by definition the point between two planets or points, and as such you will always have two different energies to assimilate, once you have assimilated the energies of the two planets you further need to take the sign and house placement into account to fully understand how and where the energy of the midpoint will be expressed. If you are interested in midpoints, my in-depth natal analysis reports include an analysis of all the main midpoints in your natal chart.

Saturn + the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

Harsh, Difficult Realities Shape Life Experience

Saturn + the inner planets

Frustration, Inner Criticism, Self-Mastery, Achievement

Feminine + Feminine (Moon, Venus, Neptune)

Emotional Sensitivity, Intuition, Artistic Sensibilities

Masculine + Feminine (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) + (Moon, Venus, Neptune)

Creativity, Artistic Expression, Charisma contributing to Social and Personal Success

Venus or Moon + Outer Planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

Emotional Difficulties, Fears, and/or Inhibitions in Relationships

Mercury or Jupiter + Saturn, Uranus, Pluto

Intellectual Gifts, Communication Skills, Influence

Masculine + Masculine (Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto)

Power, Assertiveness, Drive, Courage, Sexual Passion

Mercury, Venus, Neptune in any combination

Idealism, Perfectionism

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