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Medical Astrology

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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology has its foundation in classical astrology and is the branch of astrology that deals with the health and wellbeing of the human body.  Association between the signs of the zodiac and the planets themselves with various parts of the body has been recognized for thousands of years and are still used today. For convenience, I have listed these on a separate page. Medical astrology was at its most influential during mediaeval times, but is enjoying something of a renaissance in modern times, partly due to the holistic nature of medical astrology, where body mind and spirit all contribute to the physical health and vitality of a person, and partly due to a surge in interest in the history of astrology and astrological techniques.

Today, medical astrologers tend to analyse a person's birth chart in order to determine bodily strengths and weaknesses, susceptibility to illness and disease and even nutritional deficiencies. For those of you who are interested in looking at your general health and wellbeing through astrology, I’ve added a very nice modern report to the chart shop that does just that.

Astrology does have a variety of different uses in terms of health; astrologers are often able to offer advice as to the best time to undertake elective procedures for example. Many medical astrologers recommend that elective procedures should be avoided five days either side of a full moon when bleeding is said to be harder to control. In contrast, the five days either side of a new moon are said to be times when bleeding is at its most controllable. Blood donors on the other hand will find that the full moon makes giving blood quicker and easier. The sign the moon is in can also play a part in medical astrology, many astrologers consider that it is not good to undergo surgery if the moon is in a mutable sign but recommend having surgery during periods when the moon is in a fixed sign.

In the event of illness or disease, a medical astrologer will use predictive methods to try to determine the severity and duration of the disease by casting a decumbiture chart, which is basically a horary chart that has been cast purely for the prognosis of the person’s health related issue. This chart is usually cast for the time and date that a health issue began – for example the time a heart attack occurred, or where this is not clear, for example if someone has caught avian influenza, the time when the illness was diagnosed.

I hope that it goes without saying that medical astrology is not in anyway a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. It is not possible to actually diagnose an illness from an astrology chart; rather, the astrologer may be able to determine a predisposition toward various types of illnesses, and can usually identify periods of stress or lowered vitality when a person could experience health problems.

As with all our astrology reports, you can view an example of the health and wellbeing report in the chart shop for free. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about medical astrology, take a look.

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