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The Four Quarters of the Moon

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The Four Quarters of the Moon

The Moon has four traditional phases, which are referred to as quarters. These have an underlying affect on not only your natal chart, but also your day to life as the moon moves through the zodiac.  

First quarter (new moon)
If you were born during a first quarter Moon, you are an impulsive person who is always looking for new opportunities to express ideas. You tend to react to people and situations from your own personal perspective. You enjoy starting new projects although you may leave others to finish them.

You will probably possess an underlying sense of youthful enthusiasm and optimism; there is a touch of the zodiac sign Aries in your nature. You will probably prefer to take the initiative, especially in romance, and will be ready to look for new interests in life, new people and new ideas. You will see how things can be improved and can spur others to action. You will probably get off to an early start in life and be quite successful when young, though other factors in the chart will indicate whether this success is lasting. You need to guard against selfishness and taking others by surprise with over quick and hasty reactions.

In general, the First quarter and New Moon signals a time of emergence. There is an impulse to take action and begin something new, whether this be a small change in daily life, or a whole new path for life's journey. This is the time for making spontaneous moves and for trusting and following your intuition; it is time to take a chance and live in the now, to express your own aspirations. You may tend to react to people and situations from your own personal perspective.  This is a good time to start new projects and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Second quarter (waxing moon)
If you were born during the Waxing Crescent Moon phase, you are assertive and always eager to leave the past behind you and get on with the future. You are inclined to be confident about your ability to deal with challenges in your life.

You will tend to be ambitious and sociable, with an underlying touch of the zodiac signs Cancer and Leo in their nature. At times you might find yourself locked into your goals and have a strong need to create something which will be remembered by others. You will have a charismatic personality that draws others to you, but may instinctively use others for their own ends, rather than help them.

You prefer a career where you are out in front and have attention and status. You also need a place of your own to express your personality, either your home or workplace. You should achieve considerable success when young, but other factors in the chart will indicate whether that status is maintained. You person will be slow to anger, but formidable when aroused; you hate to be hurried or presented with a fait accompli. However, you won't mind doing this to others if it tips the odds in their favour.

In general, the Second Quarter Moon signals a period of accelerated growth. Life is full of activity, organisation, enthusiasm and drive; it is the time when Will can be put into action. Here is the energy and empowerment to build the foundation for your dreams. Of course decisions have to be made and fears dealt with, but now is the time to move ahead.

Third quarter (full moon)
If you were born during the Full Moon, you tend to focus on the significance and meaning of relationships. This focus does not only apply to personal relationships, but to every kind of relationship. Because of this, relationships tend to play a prominently role in your own life. You will be sensitive to the needs of others and expects others to be sensitive to their own needs.

There is an underlying sense of watchfulness reminiscent of the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. You need friendships, colleagues and relationships, and will relate well to others. You will either be drawn to highly successful people and help them achieve their goals, or else achieve success themselves with the help of others. There is a tension and nervousness at play which can lead to a short attention span and a constant search for new people and experiences, and sex will play some kind of transformative role in their life. The most successful time of life will be in the middle years.

In general, the Full Moon brings brilliance and blossoming. It is a phase of personal fulfilment, but also a period for searching for deeper meaning in your achievements. This is also a time for relationships and there is a need to share and to merge with others, whether this be romantically or through business or other channels.

Fourth quarter (waning moon)
If you were born during the Last Quarter Moon phase, you have strong beliefs that you are inclined to put into action. Although you can be inflexible at times, you usually have enough insight to know when to act and when not to act.

The person born in the fourth quarter will tend to have an underlying feeling of the zodiac signs Capricorn and Pisces. You are happy to finish the projects that others start, reorganize and sort out the problems left by others. People born in this quarter often have clairvoyant insight and follow hunches rather than be logical. You can be too sensitive and become upset by the demands of others, and can also be too inclined to sit back and let things happen. You will work best in groups you are not materialistic, but you do need job satisfaction. You may be slow to grow up, but are likely to go through some kind of metamorphosis later in life and achieve success in something unusual and completely individual.

In general, the Last Quarter Moon represents a period of reflection and re-evaluation. It is a time when the focus is taken from what has already transpired, and is placed on new ventures and new ideas. There is an inclination to question your beliefs, values and endeavours and to discard anything that impedes any new, emerging directions in life. The attention is now on achieving an awareness of life's underlying purpose.

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