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Eclipses in Astrology


If you look at ancient tradition eclipses tend to have a reputation of being something of an ill omen. My personal feeling is that if you follow the maximum that energy follows thought, if you expect bad things to happen, chances are you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophecy. As and astrologer I don’t see eclipses as being anything like the cataclysmic event that some people suppose them to be, however they can present moments of opportunity and revelation depending on the nature of the eclipse in question and where that event occurs within your natal chart..

In astrology, eclipses basically indicate a point of change. It’s as if time stands still for the briefest of moments before a new cycle begins. Change is often necessary to ensure continued stability so eclipses are really only a bad thing if we fear change itself. 

Eclipse Dates

The two eclipses are separated by a fortnight, which is the time between a new moon and a full moon. A solar eclipse is only possible when the Moon is in the New Moon phase.

  • A solar eclipse can be classed as partial or total and occurs when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. The table below indicates the solar eclipses for 2011 and 2012.


January 4 2011 (Partial eclipse)


June 1 2011 (Partial eclipse)

11° Gemini

July 1 2011 (Partial eclipse)


November 25 2011 (Partial eclipse)

2° Sagittarius

May 20 2012 (Partial eclipse)

0° Gemini

November 13 2012 (Total eclipse)

22 ° Scorpio


  • A lunar eclipse can also be classified as full or partial and occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. The table below indicates the lunar eclipses for 2011 and 2012.

December 21 2011 (Total eclipse)

29:22 Gemini

June 15 2011 (Total eclipse)


December 10 2011 (Total eclipse)

18° Gemini

June 4 2012 (Partial eclipse)

14° Sagittarius

November 28 2012 (Partial eclipse)

7° Gemini

Eclipses in Astrology

Solar and Lunar eclipses come in pairs and bring with then quite distinctive energy types. The Sun represents our personal energy, denoting how and where we shine as individuals, whereas the moon represents our emotional energy, revealing how we relate to situations on an emotional level. Some of us feel the effects of eclipses quite strongly, while others hardly notice any effect at all. The crux of the problem is that eclipses cannot be considered in isolation, but rather they need to beconsidered in relation to your natal chart.

To understand exactly how a particular eclipse will exert its effect, it is important to know which of the 12 astrological houses the eclipse will occur in according to your natal chart. A solar eclipse occurring in your first house for example will place a great deal of emphasis on your sense of identity and personal energy levels, whereas an eclipse in the second house will place more emphasis on your sense of security and the tenth house your career. It’s also wise to consult your natal chart to determine if you have any planets within 3° of the eclipse because this may also have a bearing on how you experience either type of eclipse: a lunar eclipse that falls close to your natal moon will seriously heighten your emotional awareness, but may also give rise to the need for solitude and reflection wheras a lunar eclipse that activates your natal Neptune may stimulate your imagination or tempt you to seek comfort in alcohol or drugs.

In short, to understand how an eclipse will affect you,you need to consider the following

  • The sign of the zodiac that the eclipse occurs in
  • Whether it is a solar or lunar eclipse
  • The house in your natal chart that the eclipse will activate
  • Any planets in your natal chart that fall within 3 degrees of the eclipse

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