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The Black Moon (Lilith)

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The Black Moon (Lilith)

The Black Moon (Lilith)

The Black Moon is calculated from several factors. The main factor being the lunar apogee--the spot where the Moon reaches its maximum distance from the Earth. The calculations that are formed produce an 8-year and 10-month cycle around the zodiac, or 40 per year.

The Black Moon (Lilith) in Mythology

In early Sumerian mythology, Lilith was described a handmaid to the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven, in which she would gather men in from the fields for sacred rites. There are also several other versions in both Sumerian and Hebrew mythology.

In Hebrew mythology Lilith was intended to be Adam's first wife, but when he wanted to take a dominant role over her in sex, she refused to submit to the role of submissive wife, distanced herself from Adams authority and left the Garden of Eden of her own accord. God sent three angels after her however she refused to return and was forever demonised as a fallen woman who gave birth to demons and stole babies from their beds.

The Black Moon (Lilith) in Astrology

There a great deal of confusion concerning the name Lilith as used in Astrology. This is because the name is used for several bodies:

  • The Black Moon (an abstract, geometrical point in space)
  • The Dark Moon (purported to be the Earth's second Moon)
  • The Asteroid Lilith (Asteroid 1181, orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter)

Lilith is sometimes connected with the zodiac sign of Scorpio due to her dark, sexual and intense nature and the fact that she doesn't suffer fools gladly. She represents the conscious decision to be alone and live outside polite society rather than surrender her dignity. While Lilith involves the exercise of freewill and the conscious decision to forge her own path in life the decision was forced on her to a certain extent and is thus accompanied by the anger and pain of rejection, which makes the healing process difficult.

The house and sign where Lilith is found in your chart denotes where you stand your ground with confidence and determination but also where there is an inability to let go gracefully and without bitterness. Lilith also gives us the ability to make difficult decisions and to follow them through with confidence. Some Astrologer's consider Lilith to be connected to the Tree of Life, where one can accept a deeper truth and greater wisdom. The contrasting energies of Lilith would be that of denial in which a person would rather rely on their ego-fed knowledge.

In general, Lilith may challenge individuals to connect with their instinctive passion for life, for if it is denied, this natural force can be quite troublesome or destructive. On a higher level, it may denote an embracing of your spiritual destiny - as indicated by sign, house, position, and aspect.

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