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The Zodiac

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The Zodiac Main Page

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There are twelve signs of the Zodiac which are located in a plain around the Earth called the ecliptic. As the Earth progresses around the Sun, the Sun's apparent motion passes through each of the constellations, this is how we establish a person's birth sign, or sun sign.

When people think of the twelve signs of the zodiac they usually think of it in terms of their 'Star Sign' or Sun Sign, hence you get people saying 'I'm a Gemini or I'm a Leo'. Within these pages you can read about your 'Star Sign' but to get a fuller understanding of yourself you need to also look at your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign in relation to their position in the zodiac. Combining these three elements of your astrological influences together will give you a good idea of what makes you, you.

When you've put those three elements together, the next thing you need to look at in terms of the zodiac is the placement of each planet. Mercury in Cancer will create an intuitive and imaginative person who is able to express their emotions while Mercury in Leo results in a highly creative person who speaks with an air of authority.

While it's fun to have a go at putting the information together yourself, by far the best way to undertake this exercise is to have your natal chart drawn up professionally and then build on it yourself. Obviously this takes time and commitment, but you will learn a great deal about astrology and indeed about yourself if you do decide to do this. Professionally drawn up natal charts generally go into a good amount of depth and detail, so provided you purchase a good one in the first place there is no need to do anything other than sit back, read and learn unless you really feel motivated to do more.

Each Zodiac sign is classed as either positive or negative - think yin and yang. A quick overall assessment of an individuals personality can be gained by counting up the number of positive and negative planets in their natal chart.

In addition, each zodiac sign is assigned one of four elements. Fire representing drive, energy and initiative. Earth suggesting a practical, pragmatic and dependable influence. Air indicating a sign that is intellectual, broadminded and capable of abstract reasoning and finally Water, symbolising intuition, the emotions and spiritual awareneess.

Each Zodiac sign is also attributed with a Mode, either Cardinal, which is a decisive energy that is happy to initiate projects. Fixed, which is a stable energy with good powers of perseverance or Mutable which is a flexible and adaptable energy. Aries for example is a Positive Cardinal Fire sign whereas Taurus is a Negative Fixed Earth sign. It is important to remember that negative refers to a Yin type feminine energy rather than something that is is some way bad.

To view a table of zodiac correspondances please follow this link. This is usuful both as a quick reference guide and also because it enables you to observe the patterns that are present in the Zodiac. When you understand these patterns, you begin to understand astrology.

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