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"This is without doubt the most detailed prediction report I've ever had!" Mrs. K. Stalley.

Astrology for Children

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I'm not just an astrologer, I'm also in my second year of a BSc in Psychology and I'm a mother to boot. I know through research and experience that there is nothing more important than a child's early years. The foundations laid in childhood stay with your child throughout their life. I think that this is one of the reasons why early years astrology is becoming increasingly popular.

As parents, we are charged with responsibility for our children's emotional and physical wellbeing. The problem is, no two children are the same and most are unable to fully understand let alone articulate the subtle emotions and psychological needs that permeate their everyday life.

Your child is a wealth of hidden potential waiting to be discovered and expressed as they grow. The question is, how do we assist our children in growing into confident, happy and secure individuals who can truly make the most of the gifts that they are born with.

We offer two very different astrology reports that have been specially designed to give parents a better understanding of their children's birth chats. This unique astrological report will offer you new insights into your child's inner motivations and hidden talents.

Zodiac Child is a wonderful, easy to read, modern report that has been written from a child's point of view with the aim of helping parents and mentors better understand their children.

Early Years Astrology uses a more traditional format and is written with the intention of giving parents and mentors new insights into your child's character, talents and needs.

Both reports are wonderful and are highly recommended. Not only are they innovative tools for parenting, but they make great gifts and wonderful keepsakes.

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