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...learning to harmonise with the cosmos by understanding our own uniqueness.

In an age where we depend heavily on computers and technology we can learn amazing lessons from the numbers which embody so much of our identity in symbolic ways by using the ancient practice of numerology.

The Chaldeans, Egyptians and Greeks first recognised that every letter and every number had its own vibration or personality - its own unique set of archetypes. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (born approximately 572 BC) was probably most responsible for influencing the system of numerology in use today.

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Our names and dates of birth are no accident; each letter and each number reflects certain aptitudes and characteristic tendencies which are exhibited in our own personal sphere of experience. When we change our name, either through marriage, adoption or choice we change certain aspects of our personality, either for better or worse.

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Your own unique numerological profile is based on your full name and date of birth, creating a blueprint that maps out your souls divine journey. Through this encoded profile and the interaction of 'your' numbers with each other and with our environment your unlimited potential can be revealed.

Everything, including the universe itself operates in clearly defined cycles of time and space which can be calculated and measured by numbers. Whether we no it or not, the integrity of our emotions and intuitions govern our everyday lives. Gaining an understanding of our cosmic fingerprint allows us to exercise our free will and navigate a path away from our 'predestined' mundane existence and instead follow our true path of love and enlightenment in harmony with our divine spiritual purpose, in harmony with the universal vibration.

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